Private Ballroom Dance Lessons Explained

When you really want to learn to dance, private ballroom dance lessons get you moving quickly. But for some new students, it’s confusing. “Who are these people? What are they doing here during my private ballroom dance lesson?”  It’s a question teachers have heard more than once.  That’s because some students believe that private ballroom dance lessons are totally separate. You know, “Just the two of us.” I get it, but most of the time, that’s not how it works.  

In the first place, it’s not very practical from a business standpoint. A studio that teaches private dance lessons one person or one couple at a time isn’t going to make enough money. Not only that, there are a few good things that happen when you share the ballroom with others. 

Picture shows a large ballroom where students take private dance lessons.
Here’s a big, beautiful ballroom dance studio that’s meant to be shared.

The benefits of taking private ballroom dance lessons in a room with other students.

Ballroom dancing is a very social activity.

When you take up dancing, you expect to be around other people. Hence, training in the same room lets you meet new friends and potential dance partners. Another good thing is, since you share the same hobby, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

By the way, speaking with students means you’ll get to know their dance story. 

Of course, you can ask them why they started dancing and how long they’ve been taking private dance lessons.  By being curious you can learn more about what to expect.  

This next benefit of sharing the ballroom during your one-on-one instruction is a big one.

Check out what your fellow students are working on. You may decide to try something new. By all means, why not learn a new dance or work on style? See how nice it looks when you use your hands, arms, feet, and legs well.

Finally, the truth, is it’s more fun.

Be happy to take private dance lessons with different teachers and students in the same room. One thing is for sure, you’ll hear more chatting and laughing when you do. See, I told you…more fun!

“But, wait a minute! What about the music? What if they’re doing Tango and we’re doing Cha Cha? Huh? What then?

We share the music by taking turns. Teachers count for us or we can use the beat from whatever music is playing. It’s not a problem. We’ve been doing it on private dance lessons for years. When I first started we had a reel to reel tape player that was set up with two of each dance and finished with a Paso Doble. When you heard it, you knew the lesson was over. Today, teachers have access to computers and can choose a playlist or individual dances. Either way, it works.

So, now you know what to expect from your private dance lessons.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there may be times you get the entire ballroom to yourself. For example, if you take your lessons very early or late, you may be the only couple on the floor. Another case would be if you’re preparing for a demonstration or competition and you need special music. If so, you might need to be in a separate ballroom for part of the lesson. But, generally speaking, you’re gonna like it when you train with other lessons going on at the same time. Trust me.

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