Taking Control of Your Life is a Good Idea

Of course, you completely manage your life very well, thank you very much. It’s just that once in a while bad thoughts get in and try to mess you up. When that happens, it’s war between good and evil. On the one hand, you have the good thoughts helping to build an exciting life filled with faith and delightful experiences. On the other hand, evil thoughts bring uncertainty, sadness, and pain. That’s why taking control of your life is a good idea.

Want to manage how you feel? It’s all in your head.

Your thoughts can sometimes get the best of you. Here are some of the issues many of us do battle with.

Living in the past and worrying about the future.

Even though most of us know better, a lot of time is spent furiously reviewing what has already happened. Next comes the anxiety. This is not healthy. Becoming mindful of the present is better than anxiously reliving the past and fearing the future. For some tips on taking control, here’s a Dance Safari post that explains more, “Using the Power of the Present.”

A woman leans on a fence thinking about taking control of her present life and leaving the past behind.

Be Aware of Your Actions and Reactions

How you treat yourself

If you feel unloveable because of things that happened in the past, guess what; you’re wrong. Free yourself from what was and live like someone who is entitled to the best. Show you deserve it by your actions. In 2014, a musical group called Sleeping at Last recorded a song entitled “You Are Enough“. Listen to this TikTok compilation of some personal confessions and learn the power of the words “you’re enough“. (Don’t forget the tissues!)

How you treat others

I know a woman who is loved by everyone, myself included. There’s something about the way she looks at you and really takes in what you’re saying. She makes you feel important and that’s nice. But, it’s her infectious laugh that seals the deal. When she throws her head back and giggles, you just know she’s special and you want to be around her.

You might take a lesson from her and manage what you’re putting out. Then again, if you’re a self-centered complainer, you’ll be seen as someone without gratitude or graciousness. Not a great way to react to the people and circumstances you come across. Do yourself a favor and treat others to the friendly side of your personality.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is helpful when you’re taking control of your life.

  • Eat, drink, exercise, socialize, give back.
  • Share the road. Refuse to participate in road rage.
  • When it comes to money, don’t spend more than you should.
  • But, don’t be cheap. That means purchase, donate, or invest what you’re able.
  • With money, your goal is to be generous yet careful.

Taking control is being responsible for your thoughts and actions.

I know I should:

  • …make education a top priority. For that reason, I vow to study more.
  • …participate in the community to help make it a better place.
  • …maintain my vehicle correctly by keeping it clean and changing the oil.
  • …not overpay for auto insurance, so I’ll find a way to get a better rate.
  • …keep my home tidy. By that I mean, do the dishes, change the sheets, cut the grass. Stuff like that!

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna take these suggestions to heart. With a bit of organization and attention to my goals, I’ll be able to easily move along and avoid some major bumps in the road. Now, that’s taking control!

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