Love and Ballroom Dancing Have 4 Things in Common

What could they possibly have in common? It’s the way they make you feel. When it comes to love, you might feel like you’re walking on air. Think about how looking into your sweetheart’s eyes or feeling that tiny baby in your arms makes your heart fill with wonder. Ballroom dancing has some of the same power. Like when you have a dance with a new partner and you nail it! Or, you’re able to let go of all inhibitions and rock a dance from the center of your being. Love and ballroom dancing will make you feel that good.

Some things are common to both love and ballroom dancing.

1. Sometimes it’s a rocky start.

You may feel shy and embarrassed as you start a new relationship, but you’ll be more comfortable with time. It’s the same with ballroom dancing. Clumsy probably describes how you feel when you’re taking your first steps. Don’t worry. Your steps will smooth out soon enough and you’ll be in love with dancing.

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One thing I noticed is that whether its love or ballroom dancing, deep inside you feel lighthearted and glad to be alive. They both make you happy when you’re sad. The end result is you smile more. That’s nice!

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2. You usually have to choose to get involved.

Falling in love, and ballroom dancing, can be challenging. That’s because sometimes it’s hard to find the right partner. If you want to enjoy either of these experiences, you have to put yourself out there. You have to take a shot.

3. When it’s good, it’s great!

Like love, ballroom dancing makes you feel complete. When you’re dancing with your best partner, you pray the music never ends. It’s the same when you’re lucky enough to be moving through life with the perfect lover. The best thing is, you can’t get enough of either one and showing gratitude is easy.

4. In love and ballroom dancing, you’ll know when it’s time to move on.

You have a right to expect that love and ballroom dancing will always be good. It should be, but sometimes that isn’t the case. You might meet the right person and everything clicks. On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel like you think it should, you have no choice but to muscle through the pain of breaking up and try again.

When love or ballroom dancing doesn't work out, it's time to say "bye bye".

When love goes sour, the only thing to do is to move on. That’s right, cut your losses. Just because things didn’t work out this time, don’t think you’ll never fall in love again. Of course you will.

The same goes for ballroom dancing. If you find that your dance studio or club isn’t giving you that happy feeling, you gotta go…to a new one that will spark the flame again.

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