Become the Happy-Go-Lucky Person You Were Born to Be

Most people would agree that happy is better than sad. However, that old nemesis, negative self-talk, has a way of derailing our plan to enjoy life with a smile on our faces. If you want to be a happy-go-lucky person, ditch the negatives and embrace positive affirmations.

Become free and enjoy a happy-go-lucky existence with positive affirmations.
Free yourself with affirmations from Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life

This affirmation from Louise Hay hits the spot. As I see it, love for yourself can be easier to reach if you forgive yourself and others. Nobody is perfect, so we have to let go of the need to fix everyone. Think about it. If we stop criticizing and start loving our differences, we are free to move towards a lighter, more cheerful state of mind. Happy-go-lucky, here we come!

Just saying.

If there’s something that’s stopping you from moving forward, read this Dance Safari post, “Dreams and Aspirations? Today is a Clean Slate, So Go for it“. Then, be like Pharrell, “Happy“.

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  1. Louise Hay has some fantastic insights and is brilliant for inspiration, isn’t she? I love this post because I’ve felt it more and more that my old self has faded so much that I feel unrecognisable. There are many reasons why frustration, anger or bitterness can overtake us, or many reasons our light can dim and our ability to feel spontaneous joy dissipates. But we can do something to bring it back and be the person we were or want to be.

    Caz xx

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