A Nondancer in a Ballroom Dance Studio

First of all, it takes a lot of guts for someone who doesn’t dance to walk into a ballroom dance studio.  I used to watch people parade past the studio door when it was time for their first lesson. That’s because they were trying to work up the nerve to come inside.  Even a very confident person might feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing and they’re the only one who’s clueless.  In fact, that’s not true.  The truth is we all start the same way on this journey. The goal is to go from knowing nothing to being, at the very least, competent on the ballroom dance floor. So, if you’re a nondancer in a ballroom dance studio, don’t feel out of place. Rather, embrace the adventure and let the music put wings on your feet.

A nondancer in a ballroom dance studio. Here are 3 examples.

1. A shy guy wants to meet girls.

Although he’s very comfortable in any academic setting, his social life sucks and he has many lonely nights. Lately, he has considered giving up on finding a woman to love. But, he’s an intelligent man who knows ladies love to dance. Even though he’s an inexperienced dancer himself, he knew he’d meet the right one if he learned.

However, he’s afraid to actually go to a studio and try it out. Here’s a Dance Safari post that explains why you need to push past your anxiety and take the first step. Read “Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Learning Partner Dancing” now.

A nondancer who is going to take lessons at a ballroom dance studio.

2. Learn to dance or the next stop is a marriage counselor!

After being together for 25 years, married for 20 of them, this couple feels like the thrill is gone. She picks on him for little things like the way he puts off getting a haircut and how he dresses for work. Certainly, his driving is always an issue for them. Nagging has become a way of life.

As for him, after years of working out three times a week, he has recently begun spending more time at the gym. What’s more, it shows. But, she’s not enjoying any of the benefits, if you know what I mean.

What used to be a comfortable partnership, is now on the brink of disaster. She says learning to dance together will help their marriage. So, it doesn’t matter if he’s a nondancer in a ballroom dance studio, either they take dance lessons or the next stop is a marriage counselor.

He's a nondancer in a ballroom dance studio.

3. She’s an inexperienced dancer who always wanted to do more. But, her poor body-image stopped her – until now.

After years of trying to get in shape, this next (potential) student has finally found a diet she can stick to. She’s enjoying seeing her body change, but what she really needs now is more exercise to supercharge the results. Learning to ballroom dance is her dream and it’s about to come true. Not only will she get the physical benefits, but also a chance to strut her stuff on the dance floor.

She's an inexperienced dancer who is a nondancer in the ballroom dance studio.

Here’s what you need to know.

Learning to dance is a life-changing experience. Sure, getting started can be scary, but you can do it. Open the door, step inside, and take a chance. Remember this,

“To the people in the ballroom dance community, it doesn’t matter if you’re an inexperienced dancer. I promise you, when you’re a nondancer in a ballroom dance studio, you will be treated well.

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