Why People Buy from a Salesperson

If you’re a person, you could say you’re also a salesperson. The truth is, we’re all into selling. It may be a product or service at work, or maybe you’re hoping to convince your friends to go to the movies when they want to go bowling. Find out what people want and need and you’ll be creating sales. From there, show them you have the ability to give it to them.

Why do people buy?

People buy so they can have something or avoid something.

Or both. If my laptop died, I would acquire a new computer for my blog so I could avoid having to go to a public business center to use one there. People seek comfort and convenience in their everyday life. The successful salesperson is able to help them make the right decision, which is, in their opinion, to purchase a product or service from them.

Many times the desire for prestige and power influence buying decisions.

It’s human nature to want the best goods and services we can afford. However, don’t underestimate the prestige and power of affording the best there is. For example, obviously there are people with the desire to own a $3 million automobile. For more on that, check out this article, “12 of the Most Expensive Cars in the World”.

Find out if your prospect has a need to elevate the company he represents or himself in the eyes of his circle and beyond. If so, you are granted permission to pull out all the stops in your presentation. Above all, make sure you can back up your assertions as to why you believe you represent the best there is.

Some people shop to ease stress or relieve boredom.

Stress and boredom shopping is a real thing. Of course, this is something a good salesperson is acutely aware of. If you sense this is the case, your involvement and presentation cannot be rushed and needs to be entertaining. In addition, don’t forget to ask the right questions to engage your client. To be sure, asking questions is how you find out why people buy. Doubtless, your success in closing the sale depends on it.

Most sales opportunities develop when there is a need to solve a problem.

Some problems are obvious:

  • Where to live.
  • What to drive.
  • How to increase profits.
  • Who to buy insurance from.
  • What should we do tonight?

Some issues will take a little digging:

  • At work, it could be mechanical repairs that management needs to be made aware of or there may be staff problems to be fixed.
  • At home, now that the kids are gone, you two seem to be growing apart. What can be done to reverse this?
  • Why have you decided to switch trainers and what results are you hoping to get with your new gym membership?

Why do people buy from you?

People will buy from you if they like your personality or if there’s something about you that makes them feel good.

Maybe its the fact that you asked thoughtful questions and really paid attention to the answers. This is the only way to determine what your potential customer needs. The worst thing you can do is try to sell them something they don’t want or need. So, speak with them and when you find out what they’re really looking for, give it to them. Simple.

why people buy
Would you buy something from this man?

You will have many happy customers when you become an expert at overcoming objections in a polite manner.

The key here is to overcome any objection before it’s verbalized. Remember, an objection is considered a request for more information. Become aware of possible issues and cover them in your explanation of the benefits you plan to deliver.

Importantly, avoid turning objections into an argument. You’ll want to win, which means they lose. In fact, if you win, you lose!

A thorough, thoughtful presentation shows respect for your prospect’s time.

Never rush to put together a proposal. It’s a piece of art. Rather, take your time and make it beautiful and complete.

Using a checklist is the easiest way to ensure you’ve covered all of your bases. For instance, if your service agreement is for a set period of time, don’t make the mistake of leaving the end date blank. Doing so will lead to bad feelings and, possibly, the loss of future business.

Make it easy to complete the purchase.

Make it your habit to set a date and time to complete the transaction as soon as possible. You’ll want to present and close the deal in a timely manner. Doing this will demonstrate to your prospect that you have their best interests at heart.

Finally, follow up with excellent customer service.

Checking in with your customers on a regular basis is the best way to keep yourself in their thoughts. Reaching out when you’re not actively trying to sell them something is an excellent way to stay on top of any potential problems. Also, it’s a great way to get referrals.

why people buy customer care
Take care of your customers.

As you can see, being a happy, successful salesperson is as easy as using good manners. For this reason, spending the time to communicate is necessary to become an advocate for your clients and customers.

One popular line of communication is to have a blog. Whether it’s personal or for your business, take the opportunity to stay in touch with people by posting articles on a consistent basis. If you are new to blogging, check out this Dance Safari post, “Share Your Passion When You Blog Using These 4 Tips“.

why people buy


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    • Well, my friend, I see my first clue as to where you hail from. Op Shop is new to me, so I Googled it. Are you, in fact, from the Land Down Under?
      Anyway, it’s no sin to spend money. On the contrary, it’s fun!

      • πŸ’œ The “sin” is not in “spending” Money EveryOne; the “mismanagement” of Money (Mammon and I NOT!!! Even Remotely Religious like My Religiously Fervent Mother who I Defeated; just as Christians Defeat The Devil, Satan, Gods Ex-Wife Wrecking Havoc on HIS!!! Abominable Creations on HER!!! Planet that Some Name Gaia) is ALL About MisGuided Earning (‘Wolf of Wall Street’ ~ Movie Starring Leo) is the “sin” as Money Begs (nice play on words if I May Say So MySelf) To Be Spent…as to where I AM “from” EveryBody; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM Legion and “from” EveryWhere and Currently “Down Under”


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