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Will you have a better life if you know how to dance? Is it possible that learning to dance gives you the tools you need to be successful? The following quote is from the 17th-century French author, actor, and playwright, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, aka Moliere. Above all, he seemed to think that having dancing skills was pretty important. Check it out.

have a better life when you have better dancing skills

How will good dancing skills help you have a better life?

As you improve your dancing, you’ll enjoy subtle differences in your physical and mental abilities.

Physically, you’ll look better because you move with more confidence. In fact, as your dancing skills improve, you have better poise, posture, and balance. This alone makes you appear more fit and up to any challenge, be it personal or business.

Mentally, one of the biggest changes a dancer experiences is the loss of self-consciousness. You can’t be shy when you put yourself out there on the dance floor. Think about being confident enough to go to a new club or studio and dance with people you never met before. If you can do that, you most certainly can walk into an office and ask for their business. Or negotiate better terms with a real estate agent, car dealer, or your boss. Ipso facto, better life.

One thing I’ve discovered is, the more you know about dancing, the better you feel about yourself. It’s for sure, becoming a dancer requires perseverance. There’s no way around it. You’ve got to stick with it. If you do, you’ll understand how to have a better life with dance.

Learning to dance is the #1 way to have your cake and eat it, too. By that I mean, you’re dancing and having fun, and projecting the self-assurance you picked up when you learned to dance.

Last, but not least, dance teaches you to be generous and share what you know. You can’t deny it, helping others is a very attractive trait.

For more on how dancing guarantees you’ll have a better life read the Dance Safari post, “Why Dance? The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing” and the Psychology Today post, “Conflict Resolution: Dancing Your Way to Cooperation“.

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