Ready to Get Back to Dancing? Take These 3 Steps

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to get back to dancing. As we slowly come out of the coronavirus pandemic, thankfully dance clubs and studios are reopening.  Of course, you don’t want to get sick, so get vaccinated and practice safe behavior when you’re in a very large crowd.  Other than that, if you love to dance, then dance already!

Want to get better? Then, dance more.

Doctor’s orders, lol. Seriously though, if you really love to dance, you’ll be happy to take your medicine. Obviously, I recommend ballroom dancing for everyone. It has the power to feed your need to express yourself and requires the company of another person. Now you have music and companionship – nice!

1. When you’re ready to get back to dancing, it’s important to find someone to practice with.

I know it might seem hard to find a partner, but it’s not. People in the ballroom dance community are happy to share their time and knowledge. Keep in mind that it’s best to seek someone who is at your level. The reason for this is, you can help each other rather than taking on the relationship of student and teacher.

For some tips on finding and developing a partnership, here’s a Dance Safari post, “Practice Partner…It Takes Two to Tango“.

2. Next, check out spots that have club, ballroom, and social dancing.

You might belong to social or service clubs, such as Women’s Club or Knights of Columbus. These types of organizations typically hold dances that are open to the public.

Night clubs, bars, and dance clubs often have at least a small dance floor. Remember to keep things compact when you’re out social dancing. No competition-style arms and legs allowed. And, safety first, so watch out for the other guy.

Let’s not forget that there’s lots of social dancing at weddings and house parties. Nothing better than cutting a rug with your besties!

This couple is ready to get back to dancing.

3. As a person who’s ready to get back to dancing, you can’t go wrong when you join a ballroom dance studio.

Here you’ve got the complete package, i.e., private lessons, group classes, and dance parties. All yours for the taking.

One of the best things about being a part of a dance studio is you have a chance to develop life-long friendships. In addition, these are people who share your love of dancing. With friends, you’re never alone.

Ready to get back to dancing?  Try a conga line.

Here’s a post that proclaims dancers make the best friends. I couldn’t agree more.

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