In Love with Ballroom Dancing Again

Maybe I’m wrong but, to me, it feels like this is the beginning of the end of this Covid thingy. I’m of the opinion that one good thing about that is ballroom dancing is back.  Now, it’s not back 100%, that’s for sure, but there’s more activity than we’ve had in a year. Certainly, more studios are opening, competitions are happening, and people are holding each other as they sway to the music.  I don’t know about you, but I’m falling in love with ballroom dancing again.

First things first – be safe!

If you’re going to get back to dancing as the Covid pandemic is winding down, be sure to continue to do everything you can to protect yourself and others. Of course, that means following the advice that says in order to reduce the risks, simply be consistent with the Three W’s. Read about them here.

Wear your mask if your in love with ballroom dancing during a pandemic.
My friends at Arthur Murray in Lakewood Ranch, Fl. That’s senior instructor, Phillip on the left and owner Bryan on the right. Hi guys!

You’ll see masks on everyone in the studio. There will be disinfecting of busy public areas, breaks for hand washing, and hand sanitizer is never more than a few steps away. Group classes are spread out to allow for social distancing. Some studios haven’t resumed dance parties, or have restricted the number of attendees. Others will conduct parties and lessons outside (weather permitting). Perhaps if you’re a real dance fanatic, you’ll be dancing in the rain!

Although some competitions are still virtual, quite a few are in person and observe the directives of their particular state.

What’s good about falling in love with ballroom dancing all over again?

If you’re a fan of ballroom dancing and are unable to dance, things just don’t feel right.

Luigi misses human touch.

Ballroom dancers have much to be grateful for.  One big benefit is the closeness of other people.  My friend Luigi is a life-long dancer who has trained extensively in ballet, jazz, show dancing, and, of course, ballroom.  Because of the pandemic, he hasn’t done much dancing or even taught a lesson in a year.  When I spoke to him last week, he told me how much he misses holding people.  As a teacher, he would always have someone in his arms, but now things are different.

Is this the right time for a dance fanatic to get back to the studio?

Some ballroom dancers aren’t sure if, given the opportunity, they would go back to the studio.  It’s understandable, what with the lockdown orders and social distancing becoming the new normal. However, in most cases, that feeling lasts until they step inside and take a little spin around the dance floor.  Naturally, they can’t get enough and the next thing they know, they are falling in love with ballroom dancing again.

in love with ballroom dancing

If you’re in love with ballroom dancing, now may be a great time to get to the studio. In fact, if you’re just getting started, this Dance Safari post will help, “What to Expect on a Free Lesson at a Ballroom Dance Studio”. Prepare to be amazed.

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