Two Left Feet? 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn to Dance

Ballroom dancing isn’t for everyone.  As a matter of fact, there are aspects of it that can make a person feel downright uncomfortable.  For that reason, if you have two left feet, you might want to rethink learning to dance.

What stops you from taking the first step?

1. Two left feet is a real problem.

Obviously, the issue isn’t that you actually have two left feet, but that you feel clumsy when you move. Who needs that?

2. Being around a lot of people doesn’t work for you.

Some of us have a fear of crowds or meeting new people. If that’s the case, it would be natural to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

In the beginning, most people think they have two left feet.
Too much for you?

3. Moving to music is challenging because you can’t hear the beat.

If you want to improve that problem, you could try this Dance Safari post, “Rhythmically Challenged? It’s All in Your Head“.

4. The fear of trying new things makes you uneasy and stops you from ballroom dancing.

If it seems like every time you try something new, it ends up a disaster, then who would blame you for avoiding ballroom dance lessons?

(Click here to watch this short clip from Sadhguru who has advice for those who fear trying new things.)

5. Some shy people are just very self-conscious and don’t want to look clumsy. (There are those two left feet again.)

If something makes you feel yucky and embarrassed, you probably won’t do it.

6. You’re too busy to take the time to learn something new.

What with the job, family, pets, gardening, and maintaining a home, who has time for a frivolous activity like ballroom dancing. Never mind that your spouse would love it, you’re too busy!

too busy to learn to dance with your two left feet

7. Not busy enough.

I don’t want to suggest you’re lazy, but if you get used to doing nothing, it’s hard to motivate yourself to move those two left feet.

8. You believe you’re either too old (or too young) to go out ballroom dancing.

That’s all BULL!

even with two left feet, we might as well dance
A Japanese Proverb

Now that I look at it, none of these notions are valid. That’s because ballroom dancing is for everyone. By all means we all should learn how to dance. Besides, two left feet is no excuse.

And so, put yourself out there and get with the program. As a matter of fact, dance exists to make a better life for us. Therefore, never pass up an opportunity to get up and shake that thing!

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