Covid-19 Quarantine Blues? Become a Dancing Machine!

How do you know if you have the Covid-19 Quarantine Blues? Let’s see, it’s been over 6 months since we started staying at home. At this point, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re suffering from some of the symptoms. Indeed, things like fatigue, loss of enthusiasm, and depression are common. Not to mention weight gain from stress eating/drinking, and lack of exercise. Restrictions are easing a little, so why don’t we feel better? Some folks have an overwhelming desire to get out of the house, while others have no desire at all. We need something to snap us out of this fast. In my opinion, that something is dancing.

One last fling before the Covid-19 shutdown.

On March 14, 2020, I attended a St. Patrick’s Day party at my neighbor’s house. Little did I know it would be the last time I’d go to a party for a long time. This was the last fling before the stay-at-home orders shut us down. Even so, as you can see, we had some fun with it.

Covid-19 St. Patrick's Day Party

Dancing is the key to shaking off the quarantine blues.

How so?

What we need now is to enter another dimension. This business of mask-wearing and social distancing against Covid-19 is sapping the life out of us. I’m not suggesting that we rebel against it. That would be irresponsible and potentially deadly.

However, dancing is the key to elevating ourselves to another level. The one where people respectfully gather, make conversation, and move to the music. Whether it’s solo dancing or partner dancing, you’ll find yourself getting that groove back.

Speaking of grooving, watch a young Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine.

become a dancing machine like the jackson 5 and five covid-19 quarantine blues
Dancing Machines

How to add dancing back into our lives as we continue to battle Covid-19.

It’s pretty hard to find a bar or nightclub open, so you’re gonna have to get a little creative when it comes to getting back to dancing. You might want to investigate some ballroom dance studios. I see where there are quite a few getting back to business. A dance party at a professional studio is always a delight and usually includes some kind of group dance lesson and refreshments.

Here’s how I’d start.

Invite some close friends, neighbors, or relatives for a few drinks and a dance party. You’ll definitely keep your masks on and engage in lots of hand-washing. It’d be kind of cute to fix up the area at the sink with candles, decorative soaps, and those fancy paper towels. And, of course, hand sanitizer.

Since these are close friends, you already have a feel for the type of music they like. Make sure you have it set up and ready to go. As the host, you’ll probably be the first one on the floor. That’s okay, it’s up to you to help everybody get moving to the music. It’s absolutely the best medicine you can get to erase the quarantine blues.

It almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Dancing takes the blues away? Yes! We dance to feel good and forget about our troubles for a while. Seriously, try it.

Here’s a Dance Safari post for inspiration,”Darkness or Light…What Will You Bring Into Your LIfe Today?”.

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    β—‡ As a Writer Next to NoThing!!! Has Changed for Me as far as “Quarantine” is Concerned; apart from now I Have a Legimate, Legal Excuse to Avoid Social Engagement because I Really Don’t Like Being Around People Very Much and They Find My Point of View Extremely Offensive…so Sorry for Stepping On Your Toes EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that it is My Preference to Practice Physical Distancing so Enjoy ALL of YOUR!!! “Dancing”, Been There, Done That and This Comment, WILL!!! Most Likely, and NOT!!! Surprisingly, Be Deleted Soon πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ™‚

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