Elevate Your Life – Raise Up, Lift Up, or Shut Up

How many of you are using your government-mandated time at home wisely?  You know, working out, eating right, educating the kids, and feathering your nest?  Yeah, me neither.  Did anyone put on a few pounds? Yeah, me too. Since there’s no assurance that this COVID-19 pandemic will end any time soon, we’ve got to do something to elevate ourselves and our lives.  We’ve gotta raise up, lift up, or shut up.

Rather than being “down in the dumps”, let’s get “up and at ‘em!“.

First and foremost, uplift and love thyself. In fact, taking care of numero uno is the only place to start.

Look upward and really see nature’s gifts.

Check out the beautiful blue sky, especially if it’s dotted with fluffy, white clouds. Watch the birds as they fly from tree to tree all the while singing their sweet songs. Furthermore, if it’s springtime, you’ll appreciate the colorful plants, bushes, and flowers popping up all over. Wherever you live, each season brings its own delights. To enjoy them, you simply have to look up.

Elevate yourself by seeing nature's gifts.
Look up to see the blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

If you’re curious about the meaning of clouds in dreams, check out this post.

Lift yourself up by caring for your body.

Above all, the importance of getting yourself up and moving can’t be emphasized enough. Indeed, it can be as simple as working outside on your flowers or lawn. On the other hand, you might enjoy having a set routine. How about Yoga Monday, Kickboxing Tuesday, Zumba Wednesday, Weight-training Thursday, and Running Friday? Take the weekend off, you did great this week!

Remember, for a restful night’s sleep, you need to be tired at bedtime.

Elevate your spirits.

A person’s spirits are really their disposition or mood. By all means, indulge in something that makes you smile. To be better able to do this, build mini-breaks into your day. It may be that you love listening to Jazz music. (If that’s the case, enjoy this Dance Safari post, “Sant Andreu Jazz Band Plays Easy Money – Don’t Miss This!“.) Keep your spirits high by taking a few minutes to sit in that comfy chair, put your feet up, and play your favorite Jazz music.

One more thing, do something to the best of your ability every day. A great way to increase productivity is to set daily goals and accomplish them. Additionally, it does wonders for your self-confidence.

Elevate your mood by uplifting others.

Showing enthusiasm and excitement will make you the kind of person that others want to be around. Above all, if you’re light-hearted, not heavy or down-trodden, you can easily elevate the dispositions of anyone you come in contact with. As a result, you’ll boost and brighten the day of others to keep spirits up.

Even though she has her scarf all ready to pull up, there’s no question you can see the happiness in her eyes!

(Of course, you’re practicing social distancing, right?)

Sure, we’re sick and hurting and inconvenienced by this sad world-wide development.

But, we can’t give in to it. Instead, by taking care of ourselves we’ll be working to make the world a better place now. Not when this pandemic is over. There’s no time to waste.

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