Bachata Musicians and Dancers to Enjoy Today

When you’ve been bitten by the Bachata bug, you’ll want to learn as much about it as you can.  For this reason, Dance Safari offers this list of outstanding Bachata artists, focusing on musicians and dancers.

By the way, Bachatero is what we call people who like to create, play, or listen to Bachata music.

It all begins with the music.

Bachata rhythms will get under your skin.

Bachata music can be many things. Not only is it sometimes slow and romantic, but also it can be fast and playful. One thing is for sure, it’s infectious and you won’t easily shake it. Like that ‘song that never ends’, it keeps playing and playing in your head.

Though many of the songs are steamy and passionate, some will be lovely and romantic. Moreover, a typical Bachata song has a soft, dreamy intro.

Sexy in a Friendly Kind of Way

Bachata artist Prince Royce.
Prince Royce

It seems like Latin musical performers can’t help but be sexy. For example, there’s singer/songwriter Prince Royce. While he’s the son of Dominican parents, he was born and raised in the Bronx.

As a result of the debut of his first album in 2010, he became a superstar of Bachata music. Certainly, one of his biggest hits from that album was, “Stand By Me“.

Other Latin Performers to Enjoy Today

Romeo Santos

According to Oprah Magazine, “Bachata is a genre that originated in the Dominican Republic—and if you ask any Latin music fan, they’ll tell you that Romeo Santos is the king of bachata.

Born Anthony Santos in New York City, Romeo became the lead singer of one of the most successful Bachata groups of all time, Aventura. Since leaving to pursue his solo career, he has had many top-performing songs as well as a successful acting career.

Romeo Santos will be the first Latin performer to play at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ on September 21, 2019. For information about the concert and how to get tickets, check out this link.

Bachata artist to watch, Romeo Santos
Romeo Santos

Grupo Extra

After having spent six years with the band Aventura, artistic director Fidel Perez was looking for a new challenge. As a result, in 2008, working out of Zurich, Switzerland, he put together a super-group of musicians to perform a new style of Bachata music. They call it Urban Electronic.

With their sometimes intense, but always enchanting vocals, Grupo Extra never fails to deliver exciting entertainment. Their videos are so well choreographed that you feel like you’re watching a movie. In the hope that you’ll agree, grab some popcorn and watch their latest music video here.

Bachata artists Grupo Extra
Grupo Extra

Dancing Bachata Artists to Watch

Like Nelly said, “It’s getting hot in here.

Korke y Judith

Bachata artists Korke Escalona and Judith Cordero from Cadiz, Spain are credited with creating the style known as Bachata Sensual. Characterized by close embrace, dips, and body rolls, it lives up to its name.

As a young man who was very much into Salsa, Korke was introduced to the basic Bachata step. Without the internet and social media that we have today, if he wanted to dance the Bachata, he would have to develop his own steps, turns, and dips. And, so he did.

Today, as coaches and performers, both Korke and Judith stress developing strong partnership skills while maintaining individual style. With this in mind, watch Judith as she teaches a lady’s styling workshop.

Daniel y Desiree

Daniel Sanchez and Desiree Guidonet, also from Spain, have become celebrated Latin performers, coaches, and competitors in the world of Bachata Urban Fusion. Their style is very flashy using leg flicks from Bachatango and body isolations to hit the breaks in the music.

Daniel and Desiree offer a series of videos called, “Ultimate Bachata Technique”. It consists of ten video lessons for $100. See some sample videos and get more information here.

Ataca y La Alemana

Born Tanja Kensinger in Germany and Jorge Burgos in Puerto Rico, Ataca and La Alemana are perhaps the most recognizable Bachata dancers. They shot to fame with their 2008 video performance to Xtreme’s “Te Extrano”, which has been viewed millions of times. By all means, if you haven’t already seen it, check it out on YouTube. To be sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Jorge started the dance company, Island Touch Dance Academy in Tampa, FL in 2008. According to their website, it is “…one of the hottest dance companies in the world, providing the highest level in dance entertainment with solo, couple and group performances in Bachata and Salsa.”

In addition, they also do:

  • Choreography
  • DJ Services
  • Workshops
  • Online Classes and DVDs

The dancers call their style Bachata Fusion and Bachata Touch. Way to work your brand, man!

Let’s see Latin performers dancing with each other.

Here’s a treat, it’s Ataca y La Alemana and Daniel y Desiree dancing at el Festival Tampa Salsa Bachata Festival in 2017. Watch them change partners around the 2:30 mark. Awesome!

Another super-popular Latin dance is Salsa.

To learn about the different types of Salsa, please read the Dance Safari post, “Salsa Dancing Styles Explained” and add this saucy dance to your repertoire.

In conclusion, there’s a world of information about Bachata music and artists. Hopefully, you’ll make it your mission to learn all about them and really enjoy dancing the Bachata.

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