You Should Be Dancing – But Where?

Where do people go dancing?” is a question ballroom dance teachers are often asked. To tell the truth, it’s a really good question.

go dancing at beach

And, now that you’ve asked, here’s a list.


You’re so happy for your family and friends when they find love and decide to get married.  To begin with, the ceremony is beautiful.  Of course, the bride looks breathtaking and the groom is dashing.  At last, it’s the reception.  One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a DJ or a band, there will be music and dancing because it’s a celebration. 

There’s always dancing on cruises. 

Complimentary group classes on a cruise ship are a great way to learn how to cut a rug. Since you’re already there, why don’t you dip your toe into the water with a Salsa or Swing class?


Whether it’s a Swing club, a Latin club, or a Country club, getting your groove on in a club is a fun and easy way to socialize.  Consequently, if you’re looking to meet people and make new friends, you can’t beat dancing at a club. For example, here’s a link to a terrific club at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Dancing at Parties

What’s better than being at a party when a rocking song comes on?  Well, being able to get up, grab a partner and boogie together, that would be better!  

Street Fairs or the Beach

Oh baby, whether it’s by sunlight or moonlight there is nothing like struttin’ your stuff in the great outdoors.


C’mon you know you’ve been to a concert where the music is awesome.  As a result, you just can’t help yourself – ya gotta shake it.

The Little Bar on the Corner

You don’t have to travel far to find a place to dance.  First, mosey on down to Joe’s Place. Then, grab a beer and a partner.  It’s that simple.

Dance Studios

Look for studios with parties that are open to the public or that hold Open Houses.  Many will include a group class before the general dancing begins.

So, now you see that ballroom dancing can be a big part of your life. Get out there and try it. I guarantee you’ll love what it does for you!

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