Examples of Social Dances for the Well-Rounded Dancer

According to its website, “Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.” This post is based on the Dance Safari answer to the question, “What are 8 examples of social dances?” It’s a brief description of what many would consider the most popular social dances.

It’s all about good, clean fun.

Social dancing is ballroom dancing done in a friendly environment. Therefore, it’s strictly for fun and not at all like a performance or competitive dancing. Because of this, some dances lend themselves to social dancing better than others.

west coast swing is an example of social dance
West Coast Swing
  1. Foxtrot The granddaddy of social dancing, Foxtrot forms the basis for all partner dancing.
  2. Rumba You’d be wise to learn this handy little social dance that’s adaptable to almost any pop music. In addition, the Rumba box step is easy to learn.
  3. East Coast Swing Looking for an awesome dance that’s used with lots of different types of music? Then, East Coast Swing is for you. Indeed, you’ll be able to dance to a variety of music genres like Big Band, Rock, Pop, the ’50s, Country and more.
  4. West Coast Swing If you’re looking for something a little sassier, this is it. West Coast Swing is great with slower bluesy songs, although it can be danced to just about any tempo.
  5. Cha Cha The Latin version of EC Swing, Cha Cha is perfect for any music that has a good beat.
  6. Salsa A favorite of everyone who loves Latin music, Salsa’s fast tempo makes it a tremendous dance for getting fit. Therefore, it’s a staple in Zumba classes.
  7. Merengue Without a doubt, this is the easiest social dance to lead or follow and includes a lot of turns and spins. In addition, it’s a fine dance to do with people who don’t know how to dance.
  8. Nightclub Two Step NC 2 Step is the dance to do to any slow love song or ballad. It’s more romantic than just doing the “prom rock”.

Bonus Dance

Hustle If you’re looking for a dance that’s good, clean fun you’ll find it with the Hustle. Although this dance originated in the ‘70s, it goes with not only Classic Disco but also Rock and even Hip Hop music.

Hustle is a relative of EC Swing and uses many of the same underarm turns and spins. For this reason, it’s a sweet example of an adaptable social dance.

You’re probably familiar with the names of most of these social dances. However, one that’s new to many is the Nightclub Two Step. Learn more about it in this Dance Safari post, “Nightclub Two Step – Why You Need It in Your Life“.

dance safari's list of social dances

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