Best Dance to Learn

What is the best dance to learn?


  1. I’m not at all sure, Barbara.
    Could it be the Foxtrot? This seems to be the one that most (I’ve come across) have difficulty with! But heck, it could be any of the ballroom dances..
    By the way: I luv the Slow Fox; there’s something quite magical when you’re gliding along with a good partner. And I’m lucky. My man luvs it too! 🙂

    • Many people would say Foxtrot. There’s a high degree of difficulty for such an easy-going dance. Foxtrot and Mambo are my favorites.

      You’ll see later today my opinion of which dance is the best to learn. Coming soon!

    • Good question. By best I mean which dance will help you become a better dancer overall. We had many wonderful coaches in NYC when I was coming up. One of them told me that if I danced the Tango well, then every other dance would be technically correct. In other words, the technique you learn for the Tango will carry over to the other dances, as well.

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