Won’t You Help Me Get This Thing Going?

Sometimes you have to put your hat in your hand and ask for assistance.  Blogging is new to me and I can’t do it without you.  Won’t you help me get this thing going? 

Some of you may know that I’ve had a long and varied career in the ballroom dance industry. Unfortunately, because of injuries from a car accident last summer, it’s become difficult for me to teach dancing on a daily basis.

I’m deeply devoted to ballroom dancing.  I especially love the impact it has on the dancers, both old and new.  So it is that I am left to write about it. It’s interesting and I feel blessed to be able to stay a part of such an outstanding industry.

Why write a ballroom lifestyle blog?

Lots of people are considering adding ballroom dancing to their lives.  Why wouldn’t they? It’s fun and sexy.  Plus, it involves other people so it’s social, and it’s a great way to stay youthful and vibrant.  

help me get this thing going by dancing

I believe that it’s natural to want to know more about a new hobby or lifestyle.  If you’ve never taken dance lessons before you don’t know what to expect.  And, that could be a little scary.  I love providing insight so you can make an informed decision.

The challenge I have is learning to create and maintain a successful blog.  It’s just like learning to dance.  It takes knowledge, perseverance, consistency, and a little help from your friends.  That’s why I’m asking you to help me get this thing going.

I thank the people who have hit the LIKE, SHARE, TWEET and FOLLOW buttons.   As you spread the word on social media, I’m sure the information will make it’s way to people who are looking for answers to their ballroom questions.   Every little bit helps.  Thanks to all.   Barbara

Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, TWEETand FOLLOW.  It means a lot.  Thanks!

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  1. Keep going, Barbara! It can take a long time to build buzz for a blog (I’m still working at it and I just got a happy 6-year anniversary from WordPress!). One way I grew was sharing my story as a guest on other blogs. Would you like to do a guest post on the Girl with the Tree Tattoo? Shoot me a message – https://thegirlwiththetreetattoo.com/contact-the-girl/

    1. Barbara Tucker says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Katie. I’d love to do a guest post. Enjoyed the last one on the ‘no-dancing dance lesson’.

      1. Sweet! My email is on my contact page. Shoot me a note and let me know what you’d like to write about! I’m intrigued about your story of getting injured and turning to blogging as a way to stay involved in ballroom.

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