6 Ways You’re Like Your Mother (or Not)

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you’re like your mother. To begin with, it’s more than likely that you’ll pick up a few things from the woman who raised you. Furthermore, some traits are in your genes. In any case, do you see any similarities?

Before we get started, here are “6 Things Your Mom Would Tell You About the Power of Positive Thinking“.

What are some ways you may or may not be like your mother?


My mother thinks new and exciting experiences are the spice of life.

Even as a teen, Mom was on a mission to see the world. Above all, her interest was not in any of the usual vacation hotspots. On the contrary, that would never do. In fact, she wanted to take the road less traveled.

That’s how she ended up in Mongolia, the land of Genghis Khan. Mom was particularly interested in visiting The International Intellectual and Puzzle Museum, aka The IQ Museum. Go figure!

You think change is overrated.

On the other hand, you don’t even like to leave your apartment. The idea of packing and trekking to Mongolia (which, by the way, is a huge and remote country) would be out of the question. Not only that, because flying is very expensive, most travelers take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Russia. What!?! No thank you. That’s an adventure you’ll pass on.


Cooking is life.

Your Mom lives to cook. She sees it as a very personal expression of her love. And, she can do it all. For example, whether it’s cooking, baking, grilling, using an instant pot, or whatever. In short, it doesn’t matter what method it is, she’s got it. It takes a lot of dedication to master food prep to this extent, but she loves it and she’s great at it.

Here’s a favorite recipe that Mom swears by, Martha Stewart’s Mac and Cheese.

Postmates, UberEATS, and Grubhub…just bring me some food.

Unfortunately, cooking is not one of the ways you’re like your mother.

Know how you don’t want to leave your apartment? But you still gotta eat? Well, there’s an app for that. The list in this heading names a few of the most popular food delivery services. To be sure, they do a great job of taking your order and getting it to you quickly. For this reason, these services are considered lifesavers for homebodies.


What’s your style?

You’re in style. Always. Accordingly, you study the latest trends as if you’re going for a degree. To begin with, Pinterest, beauty blogs, fashion shows, YouTube, and more are all big-time resources. You do whatever it takes to stay up with what’s going on. And it shows. Your confidence is over the top because you know you always look your best.

To illustrate, here’s a Coco Chanel quote that says, “A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous“. One thing’s for sure, you’ve got it.

Comfort over style any day is what my mother says.

Your Mom believes in being comfortable. Certainly, you won’t see her rocking a tight dress and stilettos. But, she’s never without a smile. Because of this, she’s always a joy to behold.

You also show the world a generous smile. That’s one way you’re like your mother.

ways you're like your mother - my mother has a great smile
Always give the world your best smile.


Spring cleaning is something to celebrate.

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts. To this end, Mom’s gonna dust, declutter, and organize her little heart out.

However, my mother says being organized starts with taking care of your cleaning supplies. With this in mind, she found this closet online and her plan is to repurpose one of her clothes closets into the cleaning closet. Imagine that!

ways you're like your mother beautiful cleaning supplies closet
Isn’t this cleaning supplies closet tidy?

Aw, what’s a layer of dirt between friends? That’s right, I said it.

Will ya look at this! Mom actually sent this to me. Is she trying to tell me something?

You might not be like your mom because she doesn't need this spring cleaning checklist for lazy girls.
Well, I never!


Let’s do some gardening.

To begin with, Mom feels gardening’s an art. Nurturing your garden requires a caring and gentle hand. It takes you outdoors where the fresh air clears your mind. As a result, all your personal cares and worries take a back seat to the attention you lovingly give to your flowers, bushes, trees, fruits, and veggies.

The pride you feel as you step back and look at your handiwork is sometimes just overwhelming. At least that’s what Mom says.

Are you kidding, I could break a nail!

Not having a green thumb kind of gets in the way of getting back to nature.

gardening is not one of the ways you're like your mother
It’s not for everyone.


Super-sharp and on the ball is how my mother rolls.

Guess it’s all that fresh air and sunshine combined with the personal satisfaction that comes from taking care of her home and family that contributes to Mom being so doggone cool. She doesn’t shy away from any new challenge. Actually, she gets a kick out of accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

She may be heading towards the “golden years”, but you’d never know it.


You, not so much. Starting to feel the pressure of establishing your best life? We’re talking about education, health, career, family, kids, and the almighty dollar. Man, that’s a lot to tackle all at once. When it gets to be too much, just call your Mom and tell her you’re coming home.

Most definitely, she’ll be there to take care of you.

What do you think? Are you total opposites or do you see some of you in her and some of her in you? I’ll bet, in ways, you’re more alike than not.

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  1. Great pic of you and your daughters, Barbara….. They sure look like you!
    Super post..
    As with all women I have some similarities and some differences. The same with me and my mum.. 😉 😉

    • Thanks, Carolyn. I love that picture.
      Of course, the idea for the post came when I found myself doing something silly and decided I’m becoming just like my mother. Ah, the circle of life!

  2. Love this post, Barbara. As I go down the list, I can see the similarities and differences between my mom and me too. True and heartwarming! Love the picture of you and your daughters. Gorgeous ladies, similarities and differences melding in joy and love.

    • Sometimes you just have to spend a few minutes thinking about where you came from. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know how you feel.

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