Animated Cartoons and Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing and animated cartoons play well together. Here’s why I say that. On the whole, ballroom dancers and cartoon characters can do things that most people can’t. For instance, things like splits, lifts, and drops. For this reason, cartoonists can let their imagination run wild when it comes to cartoon ballroom dance choreography. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the dancing animated cartoons that I like.

Beauty and the Beast Dancing Scene

Beauty and the Beast won many awards such as the Academy, Golden Globe, and Grammy Awards. This elegant Waltz was created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) rather than animation.

Beauty and the Beast in an animated cartoon.

Tango Cartoon Dance by Alex

Alex Sarropoulos created this video. It goes without saying that he’s clearly a fan of the Tango. In fact, he has many YouTube videos of Tango performances, both live and animated.

The Tango Cartoon Dance uses a variety of styles of characters and animation. Not only do you see different types of animation, but you’ll also pick up on the ways the dancers express the music. As a matter of fact, you might even learn a few new steps.

Welcome to the Ballroom presents Finding Your Passion.

This anime series, entitled Welcome to the Ballroom, offers a quick glimpse into the life of a teenage boy who discovers his passion for ballroom dancing. While watching a competition video, he finds himself being pulled into the out-of-this-world glamour of the ballroom and its dancing competitors. We watch his journey on the series, which is available on Prime Video with subtitles.

Walt Disney Animation Studios – “Silly Symphonies – The Skeleton Dance

This one’s not ballroom dancing, but it’s too much fun to leave out.  Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, this 1929 animated cartoon short inspired many knockoffs. As you can imagine, a Halloween video with dancing skeletons is a popular theme.

Speaking of Halloween, a homeowner in Richmond, Texas created a display of skeletons dancing in a strip club in her front yard. That’s right, a strip club! Check it out here.

One last note.

There are lots of talented and clever dance-lovers out there. To learn more, check out this Dance Safari post, “TikTok Dances – What Are They and Why Are They So Cool?”.

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