I Am Proud of the Way Things Turned Out

Like every man and woman, I’ve had good times and bad. But even so, like the great Frank Sinatra sang, “That’s Life!”. But, I know one thing for sure, I am proud of the way things turned out.

To tell the truth, I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, fat and thin, in work and out of work, in love and out of love. As a result, I became the woman I am today. Furthermore, I am proud of myself because with love and perseverance anything is possible.

I am proud
Can I get an amen!
Amen - I am proud!

I’ve got to express my gratitude to my family, neighbors, and followers. Also, thanks to my co-workers for over 40 years in the ballroom dance industry. I am indeed a lucky woman to be able to share my love of ballroom dancing while I’m learning more and more every day about writing. In the words of the Grateful Dead, “What a long, strange trip it’s been!

Women aren’t the only ones who sometimes need to pick themselves up. With this in mind, check out the Dance Safari post, “Newly Divorced Man? Learn to Dance“.

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