Dance on Carpet? Not Without My DANCESOCKS

All dancers know that its a bad idea it is to try and dance on carpet.  Whether you’re into Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Swing, or Ballet it doesn’t matter.  With this in mind, if your only option is to dance on a carpet, you’re most likely gonna pass.  At this point in time, courtesy of COVID-19, we’re staying home. Accordingly,  dance studios, dance clubs, and restaurants are closed to the public. If we want to dance, it has to be where we’re sheltered in place.  And, there’s probably carpet on the floors.  Enter, DANCESOCKS – the over-sneaker socks for dancing on carpeted floors.

DANCESOCKS to the rescue.

Maybe you heard about DANCESOCKS for hard, smooth floors. When you have to dance in sneakers, they make it safer and more comfortable. According to their website, “The DanceSocks were created out of the need to easily twist and turn in sneakers for dance & dance fitness. Sneakers grip floors limiting movement, causing injury to ankles and knees. Not anymore using The DanceSocks!  Stop sticking. Pivot freely. Dance better.”

To make a good thing even better, they introduced DANCESOCKS for dancing on carpeted floors. To tell the truth, they’ve been around for a few years. How did we not know?

Not only are they a brilliant idea, but they’re also:

  • inexpensive
  • durable
  • unisex and stretch to fit a man’s size 14 sneaker
  • available in 8 colors
  • easy to clean
dance on carpet with DANCESOCKS
Made in the good ol’ USA.

Why should we wear DANCESOCKS when we dance on a carpet?

Knees, hips, and ankles are susceptible to injury when the sole of the shoe or sneaker doesn’t have the proper amount of slip. Wearing DANCESOCKS for carpeted floors over your sneakers will help you avoid the stress of torquing and sticking that can result in things like torn meniscus and hip or ankle pain.

Not only will you be safer, but you’ll be able to better execute turns, spins, and pivots, as well.

Dance on carpet with DANCESOCKS
Choose from 8 colors.

Use these full-coverage socks only when you dance on a carpet.

They are made to be used solely on the carpet. Tread carefully if you choose to wear them on a hard floor. Importantly, be sure to take very small steps right under your body, like you’re walking on ice.

Maybe just take them your shoes off when you go to the kitchen to get a drink.

Not for dancers only.

Clearly, DANCESOCKS for carpet is a lifesaver for anyone who enjoys dance fitness activities such as Zumba. In addition, martial artists greatly benefit from them. Whether you do Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, or Tai Chi, practice your kicks, spins, and stances knowing your joints will be safe.

If you’re curious to know what sport makes you a better dancer, this Dance Safari post has the answer.

In conclusion…

It’s good to know that there’s a way for you to practice even when you’re stuck at home with no choice but to dance on carpet. So, don’t hesitate to check out some online classes, or to join your studio’s Zoom class or party. For just a few dollars you can slip on your socks and get back to what you love the most – dancing!

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  1. These look great, Barbara. Unfortunately, they are not yet available here in Australia (so say Amazon). I’ve checked on-line through other agencies. Hopefully, they’ll get here one day! 🙂

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