Guys Who Dance are Popular with the Ladies

When it comes to men, what is it that women are looking for?  Although there are lots of ways to choose a partner, if you’re a fella, it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind.  Guys who dance are popular with the ladies. And, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or what you look like. When the music comes on, women don’t care about those things.  They just want you to take them in your arms and make them feel like Ginger Rogers. Cigarette?

If you’re ready to step up your dating game, become one of the guys who dance.

Your age, appearance, level of fitness, and financial worth do not determine whether or not you’ll be a popular date. If you can dance, you’re totally ahead of the game. That’s because some men don’t know the secret to successfully socializing with the opposite sex.

Think about it. What’s a typical first date like? Drinks or coffee, dinner, a movie, maybe a concert. Getting to know someone is important, but keep in mind that everyone’s on their best behavior at these events. You might not be getting or giving the whole picture.

But, you’re a guy who dances. So, naturally, you head to the dance floor. What woman doesn’t want to relinquish control once in a while? “I Am Woman, (Hear Me Roar)” is a song by Helen Reddy that celebrates women’s strength and independence. Nevertheless, she loves it when you take her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor. In your arms, she learns that she has one job when she’s dancing, and that’s to look good.

Guys who dance have more fun.
Dancing in the Street

Now, she’s relaxing and beginning to mellow out a bit. She’s following your lead and starting to flirt a little. Being popular is kinda nice. Surely, this is better than asking a dozen getting-to-know-you questions. By complimenting her dancing and thanking her, you’re setting yourself up for another date. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

“Is this really gonna work?”

Uh, Yesss! If you’re a guy who dances, you will have no shortage of partners. You don’t even have to speak; just offer your hand and you’re just a few seconds away from making a new friend.

Another benefit of learning how to ballroom dance is, believe it or not, better golf skills. Read about it in this Dance Safari post, “The Secret Weapon to a Stronger Golf Game is Revealed“.

Guys who dance are better at golf.
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  1. So true, Barbara. The ‘single’ guys at our social dances who can ‘dance’ are the most popular! It seems there are always more ladies than available men… 🙂

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