If you say, “I’m So Shy” Then Ballroom Dancing is for You!

Not on your life.  Are you crazy! I’m so shy that I can’t even make eye contact with a stranger and you want me to ballroom dance.  No way, lady, forget it.”  

Hold on a minute.  Bear with me, let me explain.  

I'm so shy
Stop looking at me.

What is a shy person like?

Most shy people are very cautious and, therefore, timid when they interact with other people or find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. 

That’s different from being introverted. In fact, an introvert isn’t concerned with the newness of the experience. Not at all. They just prefer their own company.  On the other hand, a shy person is more fearful about their performance and very apprehensive about being judged.  

What’s the opposite of shy?

The opposite of shy is outgoing, bold, and brave.  These people are confident about themselves and their abilities.  They’re fearless when it comes to trying new things. As a matter of fact, they aren’t going to worry about meeting new people or taking on additional responsibilities.  Indeed, they’re courageous and unafraid of challenges.

Danielle is not timid.
Outgoing, bold, and brave.

Thanks for the definitions. What about the ballroom dancing suggestion?

So, here’s the story. When it comes to learning how to ballroom dance, everybody is the same. We all start at the same place with no knowledge. It’s all new to us.

Now, if you’re a shy person, you’ll be bashful about even trying to learn. You’re gonna feel like everyone is looking at you. You’re sure they’re laughing and judging you as you try to pick up something new.

If you’re an outgoing person, you naturally take on the task of learning ballroom dancing. Just like you do with anything. However, it’s human nature to feel wary and self-conscious when you’re learning ballroom dancing. What’s more, all the students do.

So, where the shy student is cautious and self-effacing, guess what. The outgoing student is, too.

I guess you could compare it to a baby who’s just starting to walk. The one who is brave will get moving. And, he’ll have more confidence about what he’s doing, even though there’s no reason for it. He moves awkwardly and makes quite a few missteps.

The shy baby will take his time because he’s being more careful. He will make the same mistakes as the outgoing baby, but he may holler if you laugh when he falls. Some people are just more sensitive.

My point is, don’t worry about what you look like. There’s a famous saying in our industry that goes, “Don’t worry about others looking at you. They’re too busy worrying about themselves.

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