Vision Board for 2020 and Gratitude Board for 2019

My daughter ‘Sugar’ suggested that I make a vision board for 2020.  Additionally, she recommended making a gratitude board for 2019. Don’t you think that’s a great idea?  The thing is, I make it a point to express gratitude for the activities of the day.  But, to tell the truth, sometimes it comes out sounding kinda dopey. I’ve got to put some thought into this.

How can I get better at manifesting the things and experiences that I want in my life?

Using my time to create a personal vision board of my dreams and desires can be part of the process. With this in mind, if I want to achieve my goals, they have to be important enough for me to put the time in to document them. And, they have to be easy to access so I can focus the energy to make them real.

Although I love the idea of affirming to the universe the things that are close to my heart, I’ve got a problem with the traditional method.  I just don’t see myself buying a bunch of magazines and cutting out images to glue to a poster board.

Instead, I like the idea of creating an online vision board and using the end result as the wallpaper or screensaver for my phone and laptop.  That way I can access them whenever and wherever I am. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

vision board
gratitude board
This is not my idea of cutting and pasting.

So, I’ll be making digital boards online.

What are the steps for creating a gratitude board?


Reflection means spending time reviewing the past year. What was good? What was not so good? Indeed, contemplating the events of the previous year can help you clarify the goals for the new year. If remembering the past year is a problem, consult your calendar for clues.


Of course, we want the good stuff to keep coming as the bad stuff drops off. Still, we have to learn to not focus only on the good. As a matter of fact, acknowledging our misfortunes by being thankful for the lessons we’re taught is another form of gratitude.


According to, an affirmation is, “the assertion that something exists or is true“. These are done in the present tense. For example, “I enjoy a healthier life because my dog and I spend time walking and exploring the outdoors. I am grateful for Roxie.”


Here’s a quote from Tony Robbins, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” To be sure, I like the sound of that, don’t you? The right affirmations and quotes will lift your spirits and keep you on task.


This is the perfect time to upload some of those pictures from the past year. Although I admit my intention is to only use the pix that make me feel good.

this past halloween logan sat in a pumpkin patch
My grandson Logan sat in a pumpkin patch this past fall.

How should I go about creating a vision board?


When it comes to the actual vision board, the first thing is to have a vision. It’s very personal and can have to do with many parts of your life. Some examples are:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Love
  • Travel
  • Wealth

Think long and hard before you commit to your vision. It’s really important that you make the choice that’s right for you.


Once you’ve figured out what you want to accomplish, the next step is to search for affirmations for your vision board. Affirmations are a means of self-motivation. When your mind says, “this has come to be true“, the inclination is to take the steps to make it real.


Similar to affirmations, quotes from accomplished and successful people serve to keep us on the right path.

quote for vision board


Images are a way to put yourself in the environment you seek. You can literally put yourself in the picture. And, why not? This is what you’re looking to achieve this year and a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Instead of cutting up magazines and newspapers you can spend some time perusing the internet for meaningful images and pictures. Also, don’t hesitate to use your own photos or graphics if they demonstrate the feelings of your goal.
  • When it comes to royalty-free image websites, Creative Commons is great because it showcases a variety of different sources. You can find Google Images, Flickr, and Pixabay, and even YouTube all under one roof (so to speak).


For this vision board to be effective, you’ll have to pay it lots of attention. That’s where the digital version is so helpful. You don’t have to be home looking at the physical board hanging on your bedroom wall. How convenient is it that you have instant access to it with your phone, tablet, or laptop?

Showing gratitude for the past and excitement for the future are two ways to practice mindfulness and the law of attraction. Also, if you want to practice gratitude for your dog, you’ll like this Dance Safari post, “How to Be Happy – Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are“.

By the way, I’ll be using for my online boards. If you Google “vision boards” you’ll see that you have many choices. Happy cutting & pasting!

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