Shuffle Dancing to Electro Swing is Fun

As you can imagine, a good part of my day is spent looking for awesome dance videos. With this in mind, I searched for Swing dancing. Finally, I hit paydirt with a video entitled, “Electro Swing & Shuffle – Top 10 – The Best of the Most Motivated Dancers”. Accordingly, Electro Swing music is featured along with some superfine shuffle dancing. Above all, if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.

Before we get to the video, the Urban Dictionary definition of Shuffling is:

A dance style originating in the 1980s characterized by the fast heel and toe twisting and stepping, running man variations, stomping with the beat, foot swiveling from side to side, and having feet that appear to be gliding on and off the ground.

Running man dance move – yes.
This guy – no!

Shuffling is mostly for the feet and the arms just compliment whatever foot motions are taking place. This dance style is very high paced, intense cardio, and is usually done to music with a constant beat such as electro, hardstyle, and/or techno.

Shuffling is preferable in shoes as it won’t hurt your feet, but also acceptable in socks or barefoot. Outfit and clothing style is irrelevant. Many shufflers (anyone who is decent or better at shuffle dancing) gain popularity by dancing in public, at meetups, but mostly by posting videos of them shuffling online.

After watching other amazing shufflers, you will most likely want to learn how to or at least want to obsessively watch others shuffle because it looks cool.”

A: “Holy shit dude what’s that guy doing?! It looks like he’s floating on air while stomping to the music!” 
B: “Yeah, he’s just shuffling” 
A: “DAMN! I want to be able to do that someday!”

The video is by Vico Neo.

Vico Neo loves to Shuffle.

He’s also one of the dancers – the guy in the black suit and fedora. To be sure, Vico’s got lots of videos on shuffling. With this in mind, if you fancy this one, I recommend you check him out.

The song is by Odd Chap. It’s called, “Public Enemy Pt 1”.

If you’d like to know more about the Electro Swing music, check out the Dance Safari post, “Electro Swing…Funky, Feel-Good Music”. Indeed, it is!

Here is where you’ll get some tips on Shuffling.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you wanted to be able to rock the Shuffle moves from the video. It’s probably gonna take some time to look like these dancers, but Mavis Everett has this short tutorial called, “How to Shuffle – Getting Up to Speed“.

As I watch the dancers, I almost get the feeling that their bodies have been hijacked by the music. How delightful would that be!

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