Worried About Taking Dance Lessons? No Scandal Here!

If you’re looking for music, laughter, and good friends, now’s a great time to check out a ballroom dance studio. When you first start taking dance lessons you might feel a little nervous. It may seem shocking to be dancing so close to your lovely or handsome instructor, but there’s nothing naughty going on here.  Just some good, clean fun.

A brief history of partner dancing.

A couple dancing prior to the 1800s had very little physical contact between them. As a matter of fact, they were actually doing a choreographed routine like this Baroque Dance reenactment.

There was no such thing as taking dance lessons in the 1800s.  Choreographed routines were done, similar to this Baroque Dance.
Another reenactment. Cameras not yet invented!

With the introduction of the Waltz in the early part of the 19th century, partners danced together with body contact using a closed dance hold that almost looked like a hug. This was the first time that social dancing had a leader and a follower and it was done ad-lib. Therefore, the close connection served as a means of communication between the two dancers.

With all that body contact, it was a rocky start for ballroom dancing, to say the least. Learning ballroom dancing from a professional instructor was still a long ways off.

Fast forward to the 20th century and the Waltz is one of the most popular and beloved dances in modern history. As more and more dances were created, taking dance lessons became a socially accepted hobby.

Private lessons are ideal when you’re learning ballroom dancing.

A private lesson will have an instructor assigned to you, either as a single or a couple. When it comes to taking dance lessons, everybody’s different. Some people are perfectly at ease in their physicality and will try anything. Others may be uneasy and apprehensive.

Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with your instructors as you’re learning ballroom dancing. With the creation of a plan that suits your individual needs, your lessons will go at just the right speed, neither too fast, nor too slow.  

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Taking dance lessons sounds like fun.

It’s more than fun. Indeed, the beauty of learning ballroom dancing is that it improves your life. In fact, I’m sure you’re going to love the new strengths that you’ll develop.  

Taking dance lessons will lead to:

  • Sense of achievement
  • Stronger, more flexible body
  • Stately posture and poise
  • Elegant, expressive movements
  • Increased mental capacity
  • New and exciting social life filled with people and music
Learning ballroom dancing will help you improve your social life.  And, who couldn't use a little help.
People, music, and dancing. Life is good!

All that plus an instructor dedicated to bringing it to life for you.  No scandal there!

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