12 Characteristics of a Prosperous Salesperson

As a ballroom dance professional, I love to sell dance lessons. And, to be sure, I’ve sold a lot in my time. (It’s easy to do when you totally adore and believe in what you’re selling!)  If you want to sell a lot of your product and become a prosperous salesperson, here are the personality traits that will bring you success. These will help you when you’re solving a problem for your customer, regardless of what it is you’re selling.

How to be a prosperous salesperson.

1. Be enthusiastic and happy.

Nobody wants to be around you when you’re grouchy and annoyed. Even though the traffic sucks, the baby kept you up all night, and you’re hungry, it’s best to forget about it and put on a happy face. Remember the old saying, “Act enthusiastic, even if you’re not, and soon you will be.”

2. Expect success.

Can’t you just see it now? Take a moment to imagine that you’re a prosperous salesperson. Now, visualize yourself triumphantly closing a deal. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Isn’t it true that sports professionals have been using the visualization technique for years? For an insider’s view of how to make this system work for you, read this article by Matt Neason, an expert on Peak Performance, “The Power of Visualization”.  Speaking of peak performance, check out these home runs by Aaron Judge.

prosperous salesperson uses visualization
Yankees superstar uses visualization, too.

3. Ask questions and really listen to the answers.

The key here is to understand that your potential customer has an issue that must be addressed. Accordingly, your job is to find out what it is they really want and need. And, the fact is that they won’t always tell you up front. That’s why you must ask open-ended questions, i.e., questions that can’t be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Keep in mind, it’s terribly important to give them your full attention as they speak. Therefore, listen, really listen. Of equal importance, remember what they say.

4. Move more.

There’s only one way to grow and become a prosperous salesperson and that’s to move more. Specifically, you’ve got to get out and see more people.  Your priority is to make new contacts, spread the word, and help others. Indeed, it’s the secret to success. And, a healthy body, by the way.

5. Follow through with things you promise.

“That’s a good question, Mr. Jones. Let me check it out and I’ll get back to you tomorrow with the answer.” For Pete’s sake, get back to him tomorrow!

6. Express gratitude.

Whether you call, text, email, or write them, acknowledge that you appreciate that your prospect gave you their consideration. Importantly, always be sure to thank them for the sale, the referral, or the opportunity.

7. Treat people right.

You will make good money if you give better customer service than anyone has a right to expect. For this reason, put yourself out and go the extra mile. Stay informed about your customer and look for chances to reach out. Make it your business to not miss a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or any occasion where you can send a high-five and acknowledge their good fortune.

8. Consider obstacles and objections.

Don’t be blindsided by a bump in the road. Experience will guide you when it comes to resistance. Do yourself a favor and overcome objections before they’re vocalized. You’ll appear to be more professional if you gently guide them past the stumbling block rather than try to push them through it.

9. Be resilient.  “I’ve got nothing but love for ya.”

“No deal.”

It’s best not to show anger when things aren’t going your way. It’s easy to take things personally when you’re in the business of negotiating with individuals and companies. And, sometimes it’ll get tough. However, if you want to stay in the game, you’ll have to roll with the punches. A prosperous salesperson will keep his or her emotions in check and show appreciation for the individual being dealt with.

10. Turn a negative into a positive, “That’s the beauty of it!”

When there is an objection to your proposal, consider it a request for more information. Be ready to accommodate your client. As a matter of fact, predict the worst situation and prepare three solutions to it. For example, in the case of a ballroom dance studio, if a student says they don’t have time for the program you’ve presented, a great reply would be, “That’s the beauty of this program. When you take your lessons is totally up to you. It’s 100% on your schedule. You take as many or as few as you like at your convenience.”

11. Be flexible and creative.

One size will not fit all situations, so here’s where being creative will make you stand out among your competitors. To be specific, add the element of surprise to your relationship with a customized solution. When you’re a consultative problem solver, you become a valued collaborator with your customer. Finally, be sure to let your flexibility and creativity find new ways to build a successful association.

12. Be BOLD!  Ya gotta have guts to succeed.

Courage, fearlessness, determination, and indomitable spirit. Need I say more?

By the way, any and all of these traits will guarantee a robust boost to your personal relationships, as well. Check out the Dance Safari post, “Good Relationships – Lessons Learned”.

Now, get out there and close that deal!

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  1. Carolyn Page says:

    I’ll leave this to you, Barbara. I’ve never been one who has enjoyed selling.
    Many years past I was the manager of a handbag store for about six months. I hated it. Even if I loved the product I couldn’t sell to save myself… 🙂

    1. Barbara Tucker says:

      I totally understand Carolyn. But, look how I learned…selling dance lessons! I was so happy with how dancing changed my life and have loved sharing it with others.

      Thanks for reading and for your support. It means a lot to me.

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