Experience the Love of a Dog – Here’s Why

Ah, love.  Dean Martin said it best, “Everybody loves somebody some time”.  But until then, find you a dog to love. And, if that pup is a rescue, all the better.  Bet you didn’t realize it, but when you rescue a dog, you save two lives, your dog and the rescued dog who will get his spot. Shelters don’t have unlimited space, you know.

love of a dog from shelter

In addition to the “saving a life” thing, there’s nothing like the love of a dog.

It’s unconditional.

When you become the person in a dog’s life, you make sacrifices for their safety and comfort. The payback is never-ending affection. Not a bad deal.

They’re very sensitive.

When you’re feeling happy, your dog is relaxed.  Knowing you’re in a good mood, he or she is able to chill and know all is well.  However, when you’re sad or upset, your furry friend will be right there to kiss your tears away. Now, that’s dog love.

How nice to know that you’re so trustworthy.

In this relationship, your dog is totally dependent on you.  Accordingly, when you’re around, it’s easy for your dog to be excited to see you.  And, you never let them down, do you? Always showing up with a smile and a treat, waiting for that big sloppy smackeroo right on the lips. You’re not wiping it off, you’re rubbing it in, right?

Dogs make you a better person.

In return for your caring and companionship, your dog keeps you on your toes.  You’re gonna get some doggie love when you take a nice, long walk in the park, even when you don’t feel like it.  Or, when you give your pup a bath, even when he or she doesn’t feel like it. You’ve taken responsibility for them and the payback is affection for life.

This all sounds great.  Is there anything else I’ll experience when I have the love of a dog?

  • Yes, your dog will keep you warm when you’re cold.
love of a dog to keep you warm
Snuggle bug.
  • Dogs will help you make friends.
  • And, they give you something to post about on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You might even consider blogging about your dog. If so, please refer to this Dance Safari post, “Share Your Passion When You Blog Using These 4 Tips”.

Please spend some time with a dog. It’s sure to enhance your life.

line dancing and ballroom dancing

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