What is the Best Dance for a Couple to Learn?

Best dance for a couple?  This is a question we get asked quite often.  And, it’s a tricky one since those who ask it assume that you only need to learn one type of dance to get by on the dance floor.  Not so.  You know how there are different types of music?  Well, there are different dances to go with that music.

Another question we get is, what is the first dance we should learn?  Undoubtedly, if you asked any ballroom dance professional this question, the answer would be that you don’t have to learn one dance at a time.  As a matter of fact, you can learn 3 or 4 dances in the same amount of time it would take you to learn one dance. True!

There is no one best dance for a couple.

Our recommendation is to get acquainted with 3 dances.  This way you have some moves for a slow dance, a Latin dance, and a fast dance. Here’s why.


dance for a couple slow dancing

Music:  Slow ballads, Waltzes (Norah Jones has a ton of them on her CD’s), songs by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, or anything that’s not heavy with percussion.


Music:  Real Latin songs such as “Besame Mucho”, lots of Pop songs like “Under the Boardwalk”, “Stand By Me”, or “Margaritaville”. These tend to make for a romantic dance for a couple.

*These two dances share the same basic step, the box.  The timing and expression are different, but where the feet go – the same.   It’s like getting two dances for the price of one!


dance for a couple swing dancing

Music:  Real Merengue music, e.g., “Suavemente” and/or any other music that’s lively with lots of drums.  Swing and Disco songs are great for Merengue, as are Hip Hop and Pop music. This is a very handy dance for a couple because it’s the one you can do with someone who doesn’t know how to dance.  Very easy to lead and a piece of cake to follow.  Ladies like it because it has lots of turns and spins.  Leaders like it because it’s fun and easy!  

The next question should be, how do we get started?  Check out this Dance Safari post, “Getting Started with Your Ballroom Dance Lessons” to learn 4 ways you can get moving.  It won’t take long and it’s a great way for couples, young or old, to bond.  Have fun!


  1. Getting started is never easy for a couple – therefore much easier for a single (male or female) to learn. The rhythms/timings in the 3 dances you mentioned are definitely each than other rhythms or what is involved with other dances.

    • Thanks for the link. Humppa seems to be a fun dance that is very much like our Peabody and Polka. These are known to be the fastest dances we have. Looks like everyone enjoys it.
      Keep dancing!

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