Accept the Change

Change is a constant in our lives. It could be a change of seasons, a change in your personal or professional life, or a change in your health.  Accept the change, whatever it is, by maintaining a relaxed, focused response and you’ll be better able to handle it.  Stay flexible, because you’re only being asked to deal with a new development or solve a problem.

A new development.

accept the change - no beach todayYou might say that the change I’ve seen this past year is nothing but a new development.   After getting rear-ended on my way to the beach last year, I was left with neck and back injuries.  Way to mess up a 4th of July weekend!  This prevented me from carrying out my duties as manager at a ballroom dance studio. Trying to keep up with the physical requirements of running a dance studio caused me much stress and, eventually, I resigned.  I needed to recuperate.

This was a devastating development.  I’d been in the ballroom dance industry for 40 years and was now unable to continue.  Oh well, acceptance is next.

Accept the change.

A good start would be to allow things to unfold rather than resisting and manipulating.  Isn’t it true that maybe the new could actually be better than the old?  In any case, you’ll never know if you head straight into battle and begin fighting it.  By embracing the change you empower yourself.  Furthermore, you take away the fear and replace it with acceptance.  Remove resistance and you’re free to grow in your new reality.

Read this Dance Safari post, “Brave Confessions of a Dancing Caregiver” to learn how one woman dealt with a major change in her life.

My new reality.

After some time, I got a great invitation.  It was a life-changing opportunity.  My daughter in North Carolina wanted me to move to Raleigh and help take care of her baby son.   Me, a nanny?  Yes.  Within two weeks, I was in my new home.

accept the change moved from florida to north carolina

It’s all about attitude, isn’t it?  When a change happens, you can transform your reaction by using your thoughts, dreams, and experiences.  With this in mind, be cheerful, embrace change and watch your blessings grow.

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  1. I can only agree with you, Barbara; when life hands us a challenge, such as yours, the best we can do is be a willing participant. The alternative would be to stagnate, and to someone, such as you, this could not be a consideration; to be sure.
    I’m so sorry this ‘life changing incident’ was such an all encompassing one; though, I’m sure, as you have said:
    “It’s all about attitude, isn’t it? When a change happens, you can transform your reaction by using your thoughts, dreams, and experiences. With this in mind, be cheerful, embrace change and watch your blessings grow.” 🙂

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