Engineers and Martial Artists Try Ballroom Dancing

Your ballroom dance journey begins with your first lesson.  What will it be like?  It’s unique to you as an individual.    How you process the information given during your instruction is based on your life experiences. Let’s take a look at the different learning styles of engineers and martial artists.

First of all, there are 3 things that will help determine how quickly you pick up ballroom dancing.  They are:

  1. Do you enjoy learning new things?
  2. What kind of work do you do?
  3. What do you do for fun?

Everyone is different and it’s sometimes a mistake to make generalizations.  However, it’s common for engineers and martial artists to have a distinct style of learning.

Martial Artists

Martial artists tend to be emotional, feeling learners. They don’t require a detailed breakdown of each move.  Some elements of the martial arts are similar to ballroom dancing.

  • As in ballroom dancing, martial artists are trained to use good posture to improve balance, weight transfer, as well as, turns and spins.    engineers and martial artists learn dance
  • Mastering continuity in action and reaction (offense and defense) is done by learning forms.  This is similar to mastering steps and choreography in dance. Repetition is key.
  • Sparring is another major aspect of martial arts.  By comparison, ballroom dancers use floorcraft.  This is the ability to skillfully and safely navigate around the ballroom dance floor and other dancers.
  • Finally, the martial artist is experienced in performing in front of people and, because of this, he is usually not self-conscious.  


In contrast to martial artists, many engineers are technical learners. Accordingly, they are analytical, detailed, and love to break things down. 

  • engineers and martial artists love to danceAs professional students, engineers are comfortable taking notes.  For this reason, they often carry a binder filled with details of previous ballroom dance lessons.
  • When it comes to learning something new, engineers are driven to succeed.  To this end, they enjoy making videos of their lessons.  This allows them to visually review their lesson should they have a question.
  • Technical learners pride themselves in having the proper equipment such as the right ballroom dance shoes, ballroom dance music, and, of course, their notes.
  • They practice – a lot!

To be sure, martial artists can be technical learners and engineers can be emotional, feeling learners.  Oh, and by the way, some people are a combination of the two learning styles.  What about you?

Engineers and martial artists make awesome ballroom dancers.  Find out more about learning to dance at: “Getting to Know You” What are the First Few Ballroom Dance Lessons Like?


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