A Great Ballroom Dance Teacher is a Gem!

Why look for a great ballroom dance teacher?  As you undertake the process of learning how to ballroom dance, you’re entering into a new relationship.  It’s important to find the instructor who is the best fit for you.  .gems (like your ballroom dance teacher)

It’s not necessarily the most experienced, celebrated teacher, but the one that you delight in learning from.

When two people commit to spending time together (especially in such close proximity) they must have a rapport, fellowship, and understanding.  And breath mints. Lol.  No, really, bring the Tic Tacs.

Are you a bit nervous?

When you start taking ballroom dance lessons, your anxiety will rule.  To the point where you don’t even hear what your ballroom dance teacher is saying.

Voices that you don’t recognize will be telling you that everyone is staring at you because they’ve never seen a clumsier-looking person.  You can’t hear the beat of the music.  Heck, you don’t even realize there’s music playing.

You’re not alone.

In the middle of this horrible, seemingly never-ending experience, you finally hear the voice of your savior. Amazing how uplifting it can be to have your own private cheerleader.  “Yes, that’s it!”   “You’re doing great!”  “Perfect, now one more time.” ballroom dance teacher is your cheerleader

These are the words that you need to hear at just the right moment in time.  There is no frustration or condemnation in them, just encouragement and inspiration.  By the way, when your ballroom dance teacher says, “One more time”, it’s always a lie.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that support in other aspects of your life?  Your personal champion who is dedicated to supporting and promoting your success.  The one person who never doubts your desire or ability.

It’s chemistry!

Basically,  when you’re in the process of developing a lasting alliance the most important thing is chemistry. Dictionary.com says when it comes to relationships, chemistry is “the interaction of one personality with another.”

Great ballroom dance instructors have mastered the art of good chemistry and know that they hold the key to your success on the dance floor.  They’re aware that you may have had a stressful day and are sensitive to the fact that you need to relax.  And ya’ gotta be having some fun!

Your instructor is an excited partner in your mission to improve your dancing and has faith that you’ll meet your goal, showing true happiness when you do.

When ballroom dance teachers say they’re devoted to the belief that ballroom dancing is a surefire way to bring you to a happier place, wherever that may be, you need to listen.  Find a teacher who makes you want to learn.  Someone who encourages you and gently leads you to your goal.

Suggestions for the successful ballroom dance teacher.

Get to know your students. 

Asking questions and really, truly listening to the answers will ensure that your students feel that they’re in the right hands.  Interested teachers want to know their students’ dreams when it comes to their dancing.

Have a plan in place. 

Make a dance program that suits your students’ interests and respects their abilities.

Don’t wing it. 

Before you finish your time together, take the time to review the day’s lesson with your student and plan the next visit.

Have a warm-up dance. 

Bring your student into the blissful world of the dance studio.  Remember that the daily grind may take a moment to leave behind.  Ease them gently into the music and dancing.

Review, review, review. 

Go over information from your lessons and any new things that may have introduced in a group class.

Introduce your students to others. 

Make sure your pupils meet other students and staff.  You want them to feel like this is a place, “…where everyone knows your name.”     

Wind down. 

Make sure they finish the lesson with a success.  When they think back to the closing moments of their lesson, let it bring a smile to their face.

Have fun. 

If you’re having fun on the lesson, it’s a given that your student is, too.  have fun teaching sign

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