Swing Dancing – It Does a Body Good!

Become an expert in Swing dancing and you’ll be a sought-after partner.  It’s a fun and exciting dance that will keep you up on the dance floor all night.   

What’s so good about Swing?

  • First of all, even people who don’t know how to dance will dance Swing.
  • Swing steps are easily adapted to lots of different types of music.  Some examples of music to dance Swing to are 40’s Big Band, 50’s Rock n’ Roll, pop, country, hip-hop, fast or slow.  For this reason, Swing is one of the most versatile dances you can do.
  • Swing dancing can be a great workout.  As a result, the more you dance, the fitter you’ll be.
  • You don’t need much space to dance Swing.  Therefore, it is a terrific choice for small crowded dance floors.
  • Feel free to express yourself – sassy, stylish, or sexy – it’s all good.
  • Above all, you don’t have to kill yourself to do a good Swing.  Different Swing rhythms let you move as much or as little as you like.

What’s the best style of Swing to learn?

Although there are more than 15 Swing dance styles, along with many regional variations, the following list offers some of the most useful and adaptable Swing dances.  

Lindy Hop evolved into East Coast Swing.  Both of these dances use lots of rotation with many turns and spins.

West Coast Swing is a stylish slot dance.  It can be used with any tempo music, however, it’s particularly suited to a slower, bluesy type of music.  It’s distinguished by the liberal use of breaks (accents to the music), although, like all styles of Swing dances, it incorporates turns and spins as well.

Hustle was brought to us by the younger crowd in 1970’s New York City.  It was the return of partner dancing in discos after years of everyone doing their own thing.  

Although the timing is different, it’s closest in steps to East Coast Swing using the same rotation and many of the same turns and spins.

Single, Double, and Triple rhythm variations.  In single rhythm you’ll execute one action for every 2 beats of music, double rhythm has 2 actions for 2 beats, and triple rhythm will consist of 3 actions for 2 beats of music.  Let the speed of the music help you decide which rhythm to dance.

It’s easy to find lots of ways to make Swing dancing a part of your life.

  • Dance clubs that celebrate every style of Swing dancing are easy to find.  Check out this Dance Safari post, “You Should Be Dancing – But Where?
  • Many adult beverage establishments offer group classes before live band performances.
  • Look for a dance studio with weekly practice parties.  Some are open to the public and all will have plenty of Swing dances.
  • Throw a 40’s, 50’s, or 70’s dress-up dance party at your place.  Make playlists of some of the greatest music from these gifted generations.
  • Go to a Swing dance meet-up, boogie at a concert, or just shake it up with your sweetie in the kitchen.

Remember the old television show “American Bandstand”?  Wouldn’t it be fun to see those kids cutting a rug again?  Because of video sites like YouTube, you can watch as much as you like.

Listen to Bandstand Boogie

Swing dancing was very popular on American Bandstand.

Please, do yourself a favor and learn to strut your stuff with some Swing dancing.  It’s a game-changer.

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