Why in the World Would I Do a Ballroom Dance Competition!?!

“I love to dance.”

There will come a time when you decide that this dancing thing is going to stay a part of your life. You’ve committed yourself to it emotionally and physically.

You like it because you’re finding that it’s becoming easier for you to handle stress, you’re developing long lean muscles with fewer aches and pains. Your posture and poise are improving. 

You’re starting to look and move like a dancer.  

demonstration at ballroom dance competition

Everything is going fine and then one day your instructor says,

I would like you to compete in a ballroom dance competition.”

“Huh? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Just take this short survey, read “Why Compete in a Ballroom Dance Competition?” and see if you don’t agree with me.”

A Short Survey

Which of the following motivates you when it comes to your dancing?

  • Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from improving my performance.
  • Love the sense of achievement that I get when I set a goal and reach it.
  • Want to be challenged.
  • Like to put forth extra effort in competitive situations.
  • Have a strong desire to be the best.

Why Compete in a Ballroom Dance Competition?

“Why do people participate in ballroom dance competition?”

Participating in a ballroom dance competition requires cooperation, concentration, coordination, and creativity.  These things are worth working towards on a daily basis, wouldn’t you agree?  

Human nature gives us a natural motivation to win by working hard, improving execution, performing well, being instrumental to the team, and expressing dedication to our chosen hobby or sport.  

“I just started dancing a few months ago.  How can I be good enough for a competition?”

Ballroom dance competition uses a system to make it fair for the competitors.  You are placed in a division based on your age, sex, and level of dancing.

Divisions begin at the Newcomer or Pre-Bronze level and going all the way up to Gold.  You will always compete solely with others at your level.

“I’m uncomfortable with people watching me.  Why should I put myself in that position?”  She's nervous about people watching her.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, no one walks into a ballroom dance studio and says ‘competition is for me’.  But, there’s a reason that these events have been around for decades and are now more popular than ever.

Professionals know that competitions are a great way to quickly raise the level of your dancing.  They know this from personal experience.  They’ve seen it in themselves and in their students. 

So, when your teacher suggests a ballroom competition for you, he is showing that he cares for you as a student.

Setting a short-term goal like a competition will greatly enhance your overall execution and style.  Knowing that you’ll be getting up in front of the judges and fellow competitors, you’ll naturally train a bit harder. 

By competing, you’ll not only develop your dancing more quickly, you’ll experience the thrill and excitement of participating in an event that’ll create memories to last a lifetime!

So, what do you say?  Ready to give it a shot?

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  1. Nicolette Staehle says:

    Competing is really exciting! I’ll never forget going to watch and competing myself

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