Dancing Saved My Life

“Dancing saved my life. I used to sit home alone feeling sorry for myself.  Now I have lots of friends and I’m out of the house social dancing five nights a week.”  Anonymous quote.  

That is a real quote about the power of social dancing.  I don’t remember where I got it but I do know that many people feel this way.  Dancing changes lives.

So what will be different for you when you learn social dancing?  Let’s take a look.

Are you the type of person who is shy and retiring?  Or do you find it easy to put yourself out there and make new friends?

If you tend to be shy, you’ll be caught up in the friendly atmosphere of the ballroom dance community.  More outgoing personalities will probably love interacting with a variety of partners.

How do you manage stress?  

The challenges of everyday life can take a toll on anyone.  Leave it behind as you roll into the ballroom and feel the music.  You may be stressed and exhausted when you come in, but you won’t be when you walk out.

Are you healthy and in good physical shape?

Anyone, in any shape, can learn social dancing.  The beauty of it is that as you get better, you’ll want to be able to do more. The key is to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.  This will allow you to dance longer with more ease.  

What are your feelings about aging?

I don’t know about you, but I like the poise and beautiful posture that comes with being a good dancer.  The result is it gives off youthful energy, don’t you think?

Do you feel good about your appearance?

It’s easy to slack off in dress and grooming when you’re not socially active.  When you have the chance to go out and mingle with other dancers, you’ll want to spend a few minutes sprucing yourself up.  It’s nice knowing that you look good as you’re doing something that makes you feel good.

For couples, how are you and your partner getting along?

  couple social dancing

As your relationship ages, it becomes important to find a way to refresh and renew your interactions with your partner.  Make a point of spending quality time with each other social dancing.  What could be better than getting dressed up, going out, and holding each other all night long?  All that touching sounds intriguing, no?  

Ballroom dancing requires the man to take the lead and the woman to follow. How does that sound to you?

When it comes to leading and following in real life, it’s important to accept that the roles will shift.  The reason for this depends on the situation. 

The only way to make this partnership thing work on the dancefloor is to have one leader.  He will manage the power of teamwork and cooperation.

What are your thoughts about learning ballroom dancing?  Social dancing requires you to be open to new and exciting experiences.  Are you ready for a change?

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