You Should Be Dancing – But Where?

go dancing at beach

Go dancing!  You need to be dancing.  Dancing is amazing!  It’s exhilarating! Go!!!

Where am I gonna go dancing?  There are no places to dance around here.  When will I ever use this?”  Those are really good questions.  If you’re not ‘a dancer‘ now, how would you know where to go dancing? 

But now that you’ve asked, here’s a list of some places to go dancing.


You’re happy when friends find the love of their lives.  The ceremony is beautiful.  The bride breathtaking and the groom dashing.  Now comes the reception.  Whether it’s a DJ or a band, there will be music because this is a celebration.  What will you be doing, sitting and watching?  Or dancing?


When you’re on a cruise, you kind of let your hair down and are more willing to try new things.  A high point of many cruises are the dance lessons.  A lot of times this is where people develop an affinity for partner dancing.  Go ahead, try it.  You’re gonna like it!


Whether it’s a Swing club, a Latin club, or the Knights of Columbus, dancing in a club is a fun and easy way to socialize.  If you’re looking to meet people and make new friends, you can’t beat dancing.


What could be better than being at a party and having a rocking song come on?  Well, being able to get up, grab a partner and dance to it, that would be better!  

Street Fairs or the Beach 

Oh baby, whether it’s by sunlight or moonlight there is nothing like dancing in the great outdoors.


C’mon you know you’ve been to a concert where the music is awesome.  You just can’t help yourself – you’ve got to dance.

The Little Bar on the Corner 

You don’t have to travel far to find a place to dance.  Just mosey on down to Joe’s Place, get yourself a beer and a partner and have yourself a dance.  That’s right, go dancing!

Dance Studios 

Any place that has the word ‘dance’ in its name is probably a good choice.  Look for studio Open Houses or studios with parties that are open to the public.  

So now you see that ballroom dancing can be a big part of your life.  Go dancing and you’ll get more fun out of life!

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