Spice Up Your Love Life with Ballroom Dancing

To dance with your partner is a sure-fire way to spice up your love life.  Take ballroom dance lessons. 

Ladies, take a moment to tell your man about how much dancing means to you.  Let him know how good you feel in his arms.  When he holds you close and moves with you to the music you feel so warm and content.  How nice would it be to dance with your partner all night?

Men, when you take your lady to dance class you’re exposing a new and exciting side of yourself.  Sure, you’re a little anxious.  Who wouldn’ be?  But, you absolutely will be seen as a delightfully mind-blowing partner.  Wouldn’t that be nice!

Ballroom dance instructors see it often.  Many teachers say ballroom dance lessons are a way to stay out of the marriage counselor’s office.  “Some people call this marriage insurance,” was a favorite of Bryan, an instructor in Bradenton, FL.

Life stages where couples seek dance lessons to revitalize their relationship include:


New couples love to do things together so it’s an easy choice to share dance lessons.  Unlike tennis or golf lessons, ballroom dance lessons must be done with your best partner!  dance with your partner for love


With work, kids, after-school activities, etc., mom and dad need to carve out a time just for themselves.  They use their lessons as their ‘date night’.

Empty Nesters 

There comes a time when the kids have grown and moved on.  Many times a couple will look at each other and say, “What do we do now?”  Hold your woman in your arms and dance, dance, dance with your partner.

The Young at Heart 

Looking back, the old days of were, “The best years of our lives!”  What better way to relive them but by dancing together again.

What is it like when you learn how to dance with your partner? 

Depends.  It could be:

  • Exciting
  • Fun
  • Stressful
  • Relaxing
  • Sexy
  • Romantic
  • Eye-opening
  • All of the above

Exactly what goes on when a couple takes their dance lessons together?  

Let’s start with the group class. 

  • A group lesson is when there is one instructor working with a number of students, both singles, and couples, learning at the same time.
  • The group class will focus on steps – learning what direction to move in.  Ladies and gentlemen will line up on either side of the instructor.  
  • In most classes, the number of men and women isn’t equal.  Not to worry because there will be a rotation of partners so everyone gets to try it with different people.
  • You get plenty of opportunities to dance with your partner.
  • In class, we’re looking to develop muscle memory so there is much repetition.  

Teaching the First Step:

The teacher will demonstrate the man’s part followed by the ladies part.  

  1. Students will do it by themselves to the teacher’s count.
  2. Next comes the music for more solo practice.
  3. Partnering up for a chance to do it together to the teacher’s count.
  4. Music now.
  5. Rotate partners – ladies or men move one.

The Second Step:

Repeat 1-5 above and add 6:  Create a combination (a series of steps to perform one right after the other) by dancing the first step and second step consecutively.

The Third Step:

Repeat 1-6 above and add 7:  One more step layered to create a 3-step combination.  This can be danced and repeated a number of times.   You now have the ability to complete an entire song.

A private lesson is one teacher with one student or one couple. 

Private lessons focus on techniques of execution and the individual’s issues in learning.  Taking private lessons with your partner is a delightful way to reconnect.  When you dance with your partner, each person has a specific responsibility.

The Leader

The man’s job in ballroom dance is to guide the lady.  He decides where and when to go and what you’ll do when you get there.  On the dance floor, there can only be one leader.

The Follower

The lady must become sensitive to the leader’s direction.  This will happen as she learns to have confidence in his clues. She then relaxes and follows them.  The follower’s job is to trust the leader.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are dealing with two people with different abilities and learning styles.  The teacher will quickly assess the couple and determine the best way to deliver the information to each individual to keep it fun and make continuous progress.

Check out the Dance Safari post entitled “Getting Started with Your Dance Lessons” for more information about how to dance with your partner and make your loved one’s dream come true!

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