“Getting to Know You” What Are the First Few Ballroom Dance Lessons Like?

I’ve always loved that song, “Getting To Know You”It’s such a comforting feeling to know that others are taking an interest in you. 

Once you’ve made the decision to learn to dance and have chosen an instructor to get you started, what are the first few lessons like?  

A carefully planned lesson will include:

  • Warm-up dance.  This is done to bring you in from the outside world.  It’s meant to take your mind off the day’s stress.
  • Review of the previous lesson.  As a beginner, you’re not expected to remember a whole lot because everything is new.  You actually will learn by forgetting, each time forgetting less and less.
  • Add new material.  Nobody wants to do the same thing over and over again.  New challenges are important to sustain desire.
  • Repetition.  Learning to dance requires muscle memory.  With repetition, your body will remember the moves and they will become automatic.
  • Cool-down dance.  Most likely you’ll finish with a relaxing dance and a preview of the next lesson.

As you start working together your instructor will need to find out about your current abilities.   No two people learn the same way so the teacher will use the first few lessons to establish your…

  • Rate of learning, which is how quickly you’re able to pick up new material such as steps, timing, or technique.
  • Retention is based on how much you remember from lesson to lesson.
  • Attendance refers to not only how often you come in, but group class and dance party attendance for extra practice. 

As a new student, you’ll be introduced to a number of useful social dances.  Trying a variety of dances will allow you to pick the ones you want to know more about.   

It’s kind of like eating at a buffet, you sample a bunch of things then load up your plate with what you love.

Don’t hesitate to get to a class and enjoy some lessons.  Being a wallflower is no fun.  wallflower men

After a few lessons, you’ll feel right at home at the studio.  Your dance club is a place for you to develop your creativity, peace of mind, and lasting relationships.

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