3 Ballroom Dance Blogs That I Like

He is a short review of 3 ballroom dance blogs that I like.  As a novice blogger, I find that every day I’m learning more and more about the information available to curious people.  

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The 3 ballroom dance blogs I’m covering are:

  1.  Delta Dance, which is an independent club based in Canada
  2. The Girl with the Tree Tattoo is a student and pro-am competitor
  3. A franchised studio, Fred Astaire Dance Studio on NYC’s West Side

Each offers an exciting perspective and I recommend that you visit and support them as they work hard to entertain and inform us.


Delta Dance is located in Delta, BC Canada.

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The organization offers group sessions, private lessons, and dance videos in the International Style at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Their blog offers a combination of dance and partnership technique along with an excellent understanding of human nature as it relates to the benefits of ballroom dancing.

The blog is called News & Views Fresh from the Dance Floor.

It includes recommendations designed to improve execution of the dances.  “Perfecting the Waltz Natural Turn” and “The Secret Ingredient of Paso Doble” are just two of a number of posts that will work towards making you a better dancer.

Reading “The Power of Partnership” can definitely make a difference in our attitudes towards our partners both on and off the dance floor.

In “Dance:  An Essential Man Skill” a campaign is proposed to make dancing a part of ‘required’ man skills.  The author says, “…something every man needs to know just as he should know how to drive a 5-speed, how to fish or how to change a tire.”  

Educational and fun to read, it’s clear the authors of this blog are passionate about dancing and work hard to share the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years.  This blog has been awarded a medal as one of the top 60 ballroom dance blogs.


ballroom dance blogs medal top 60ballroom dance blogger Katie Flashner

Another recipient of the top 60 ballroom dance blogs, this blog by Catherine “Katie” Flashner shares “the stories of my ballroom journey” that include:

  • How learning to dance changed her life
  • The excitement of preparing for shows and competitions
  • A Valentine’s Day love letter to ballroom dancing

The articles are moving and inspirational from a young lady who has made the sacrifices necessary to live her passion for ballroom dance.

Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing

Importantly, Katie has recently developed a guide for practicing by yourself to maximize the value of your lessons.  She says, “Whether you’ve been wanting to practice on your own but weren’t sure how or where to start, or you’ve been practicing but feel like it’s not making much of a difference, this Guide can help you”.  Visit her website for info about purchasing her guide.

Thank you, Katie, for taking the time to keep us up-to-date with your progress.  Please know that your stories inspire dancers across the country.  Wishing you continued success.

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios – New York West Side, New York

Very slick and professional, this blog is useful to both beginner ballroom dancers and seasoned competitors.

It’s called,  FADS Dance Blog – Step In. Kick Back. Read Up. Dance On!

  • You will find practical articles, such as “Where to Take Your Dance Routine for Vacation“, which lists tourist destinations that are tied to social dancing, e.g., you could go to Argentina to enjoy Tango dancing.
  • Etiquette is important when socializing.  Hence, included in the post is, “Do’s and Don’ts of Social Dancing“.
  • Of course, no ballroom dance blog would be complete without a nod to the benefits of dancing.  Featured stories are “9 Benefits You Can Experience Once You Start Dancing”.   Also, “5 Reasons Couples Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons“.
  • There is also a section of categories with some dedicated to focusing on individual benefits.  Clicking on ‘Lifestyle & Self Improvement’, ‘Staying Young’, ‘Nutrition and Health’ will bring up blog posts that address these issues.
  • Rounding out the offerings are informative posts that answer questions you may have about dancing.  Look for ‘History of Ballroom Dances’ and ‘Dance Competitions’ to be interesting and enlightening.

As a proud alumnus of the FADS New York system, I have to say thank you.  This is a well thought out blog that is an enriching and detailed asset to your website.

There you have it.  To be sure, there are many ballroom dance blogs to choose from.  I hope you get a chance to visit these 3 and give them your support.

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