Try It, You’ll Like It! A Few Affordable Ways to Check Out a Ballroom Dance Studio

Don’t you just love it when you go to Costco, Sam’s Club, or the supermarket and they’re giving away samples for you to try?  You know you do.  

Well, dance studios do the same thing.  They want you to step into the studio and see what it’s all about.  Here are a few ways to try a lesson at a ballroom dance studio at little or no cost to you.

#1.  Score a Free Lesson

free-samples-1444140For many years studios have offered free sample lessons.  I’m sure that if you went to a studio’s website, Facebook page, or other social media, you would see such an offer.  

All businesses need new customers in order to thrive and when you visit the studio, if they do everything right, there’s a possibility that you will become a customer.  

For more information on your first lesson, please read my post,  What to Expect on Your Free Lesson at a Ballroom Dance Studio.

#2.  Be a Guest or Student Referral

Just about every studio has a Guest Program.  In many cases, a student is offered a discount or free lessons as an incentive to refer qualified guests and bring them to a Guest Party.  

A qualified guest is usually a local resident who is 18 or over.  The Guest Party gives students an extra chance to practice.  It also allows them to show off their instructors and some of the moves they’re learning. 

Because a happy student is the best salesman, a weekly or even monthly Guest Party is ideal for studios to welcome potential new customers. 

The get-together is set up for beginners and usually starts with a ‘guest lesson’ giving new people an opportunity to learn the elements of dancing.  

After some general dancing and demonstrations, there will probably be an offer made to the guests. Many studios will give a free private lesson to new people.  

The student who brought the guest will receive their incentive after the guest takes their private lesson.  A good deal all around!

#3. Open House

Similar to a Guest Party, an Open House Dance Party is a free dance night for everyone in the community.  It could be to celebrate a holiday, an anniversary, or a Grand Opening.

But one thing is for sure, it’s a time for the studio to put the best foot forward.  Open House parties that I have hosted most recently included:

  • hors-d’oeuvres
  • beer, wine, soda, etc.
  • welcome gift
  • guest lesson
  • student demonstrations
  • professional show

As with a Guest Party, there’s sure to be an offer for potential new students to try out a free private lesson. 

Attend Open Houses whenever you can because you’ll get to mingle with the students and staff.  It’s never a bad idea to meet the other members of the dance club – you have a common interest in improving your dancing.  Get out there, meet new people, make new friends!

#4.  Silent Auction or Charity Raffle

Ballroom dance studios are often asked to donate to a local good cause.  A lucky winner would receive a package that includes private lessons, group classes, and dance parties. This would certainly give you an opportunity to see if you and the studio are a good fit.

My recommendation would be to start with at least 1 private lesson after which your instructor will guide you in choosing group classes and dance parties.

#5.  Groupon, Living Social, Local Daily Deals

It has become increasingly popular to turn to Groupon for discounts on just about anything you can think of – and when I say Groupon, I’m referring to any daily deal.

Groupon deals for ballroom lessons typically offer a short starter program giving you a chance to see what the lessons are like at the same time allowing your instructor to get to know how you learn and how much you retain lesson to lesson.  

The Groupon and other deals are working so well at introducing folks to dancing that almost every dance studio has some sort of small package to get you started.  (Sometimes Groupon offers additional discounts when you log in.  Keep an eye out for that.)  

I found 11 deals in the Raleigh area when I searched ‘Ballroom Dancing’ on  This is a very budget-friendly way to experience a school without investing a bunch up front.

So, go ahead and, as the great James Brown sings, “Get up offa that thing and dance…”

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