5 Things to Look for in a Ballroom Dance Studio

The world is made up of many types of people and we all have our own needs and desires.  Although we must look within to decide where we spend our time and money, I have a few suggestions to help you when it comes to choosing dance instruction.

In my opinion, the most complete experience will come from a ballroom dance studio.

As long as a few conditions are met, you’ll receive a well-balanced dance education.  The use of private lessons combined with group classes and dance parties is a proven method for learning – it gets you moving more quickly and you’ll be able to use your dancing sooner.

Here are five important things to look for…

  1. First and foremost look for a welcoming atmosphere where the staff is obviously happy to see you.  You know, like Cheers, “where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came.”  musical notes
  2. Do you feel the staff is attentive in a respectful way?  Are they asking questions and listening to your responses?  Making sure students are introduced to other staff and students shows a polite and friendly studio culture.woman interviewing man
  3. Do you get a sense of fun, humor, and camaraderie?  Remember learning to dance has to be enjoyable.  You’re taking lessons and learning, but this is entertainment and stress relief for you.  It’s not your job.  Find a studio where you hear lots of laughter and you’ll be in the right place.lol
  4. What is dancing without music?  A quiet dance studio is a no-no.  We’re talking about moving to music here.  Let’s make some noise!  Check out this video…Uptown Funk Without Music – it’s still kinda funky even without the music, but we definitely miss it. We need a beat because we like to, you know, move it, move it.
  5. The location and hours of instruction must be convenient or it’ll be too hard for you to get to the studio.

A good ballroom dance studio will be a busy place with lots of activity.  It’ll be filled with music and professional instructors who pride themselves on earning a living doing what they love.

These skillful coaches will guide you at your own pace never going too fast or holding you back.  Trained to always be prepared for your lessons, they will make sure you see and feel your progress.

There is one thing I want to mention here and that is you may not need or even want the most experienced instructor.  We all had to start somewhere and a newer teacher may be just the right one for you.

A new instructor is excited and thrilled for the opportunity to work with you.  When you’re lucky enough to find the right teacher, you’ve got it made!

On our next visit, we’ll look at some deals that’ll make it easy for you to try out different studios in “Try It, You’ll Like It!  A Few Affordable Ways to Check Out a Ballroom Dance Studio“.

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