…a song that never ends.

Dancing and moving to music is one of life’s greatest gifts.  And dancing with a partner? Well, that just takes it to a whole other level of sweet. What, you say?  You don’t know how to dance?  I can help.  What you need is some basic ballroom dance info.


Dance Safari – Dancing Through Life’s Journey

The interest you have in learning to dance may have developed overnight.  However, it’s more likely that it’s something you’ve been thinking about for years.

What stops you from learning to dance?  For many, it’s fear of the unknown.  You don’t know what to expect.  In fact, you may even question whether it’s something that’ll be possible for you to accomplish.

My goal in writing this blog is to share the ballroom dance info that I’ve acquired through the years.

No one is a born dancer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  To be sure, you have to learn by taking lessons.    All good dancers have been taught!

With this in mind, please know that you have nothing to fear when it comes to learning how to dance.  As a matter of fact, you’ll be enhancing your life’s journey by adding ballroom dance to it.

Some people claim that dancing is something they can live without.  Well, technically, I guess you could, but why would you?  Bet you know 2 or 3 people who would love to dance with you.  Why deny them the pleasure just because you don’t have the ballroom dance info you need?

Some things we’ll cover on our Dance Safari are:

  • Why learn to dance?
  • How to pick a good ballroom dance school.
  • How to get started with your dance lessons.
  • Your first ballroom dance lesson experience.
  • What to wear to dance class.
  • What about music?  How do I know what dance to do?
  • No rhythm – no problem!

I’ll break it all down so that you can begin to learn the basics of ballroom dance.  Here’s a post about how to pick the best ballroom dance studio for you.  Spend some time with me. You’re gonna love the confidence that your new hobby gives you.

One last thing.  Although I admit that ballroom dancing has changed my life, there are other things that are a part of the ballroom lifestyle.  Of course, topics such as how to stay youthful, natural remedies, and relationships are a part of what we think about when we’re not dancing.  With this in mind, let’s talk about them, too.

ballroom dance info gives you confidence

good Dance Safari Dancing Through Life's Journey

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  1. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Barbara Tucker says:

    You’re not kidding! Hoping you and hubby get a chance to dance a bit.

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